1. Kiss it when she is self conscious and worried  about her stretch marks. It silences her insecurities

2. Hold it when he is in public with her. It communicates he is proud of loving her

3. Hold it from behind when she is doing chores or cooking and kiss her. It tells her “Honey, you’re still the one”

4. Hold it when she is pregnant. It tells her “Darling, thank you for carrying our little one. I am part of this journey with you”

5. Stroke his fingers on it when the two of them are chilling in bed. It communicates intimacy when he touches skin no other man is allowed to touch

6. Hold it when they are making love and she is riding on top of him or he is pumping behind her. It shows passion

7. Hold it when they are in bed sleeping. Let her close the night feeling loved

8. Hold it when she is dancing on him. It tells her “Baby, don’t stop, that feels so good”

9. Look at it when she is naked and praise it whether her stomach is big or toned up. It makes her feel sexy

10. Hold it when kissing her. She will get lost in the meeting of lips

11. Massage it when she is naked once in awhile. You are touching a special place