1. Your spouse has apologized. As long as your spouse admits the wrong he/she has done, find it in you to forgive

2. You too need forgiving. Maybe you have wronged or you will wrong your spouse differently, you are not perfect. It is not about who is more wrong

3. To build your marriage. You cannot build your marriage to a better future, if you are holding on to past offense

4. Your spouse will sometimes offend you unwillingly. Because you two are so intertwined, your spouse will sometimes wrong you without wanting to

5. You forgive others. Don’t be so easy to forgive your parents, siblings, friends, children; but the one person you refuse to forgive is your spouse

6. To address the matter. Forgiving each other lays the right calm and conducive environment for you two to talk about issues and iron things out. It is easier to solve conflict with a diplomatic spouse

7. To excercise the muscle of apology and forgiveness in your marriage. The more you two learn to apologize and forgive; the better you two become at it and your marriage will be healthier and not distracted by issues

8. To teach your spouse the value of an apology. When you show your spouse that admiting wrong and working on the issue is a mature and rewarding option, you encourage your spouse to not be driven by ego and tough stance, but to choose the path of owning up and dealing with matters

9. Because God has forgiven you. We forgive because we have been forgiven

10. So that we don’t lose a good thing. It is not easy to find love. Don’t through it all away, ruining what you two have built for years because of a down moment

11. To love each other deeper. If you are with a mature spouse who truly loves you, he/she will love you even more when you show forgiveness. What a joy to have a spouse who covers your nakedness

12. To conquer. Couples that have overcome an offense that threatened to tear them apart, many years down the line often look back and say “Wow! Look how far our love has come and how much our love has withstood. You are still the one I love”