1. Immediately after making love. Perfect climax

2. In the middle of an argument. Yes; even when you two are in disagreement, remind your spouse that love is not dead or threatened

3. In front of the children. Children raised in an environment where they witness love said and done grow up whole, understanding what true love looks like

4. When your spouse is sick. It helps your spouse heal faster

5. When your spouse is down and feels like a failure. It reminds your spouse that he/she is not alone

6. When your spouse is celebrating a milestone such as birthday, graduation or promotion. It reminds your spouse you two are together in this

7. When your in-laws or your family tries to frustrate your marriage. It affirms your spouse that you two are unshakable

8. After kissing. It makes the kiss sweeter and memorable

9. After giving birth. It tells your spouse, “We did this together”

10. After prayer. It is the perfect “Amen”

11. When your spouse expresses doubt or insecurities. Allay the fears

12. When you randomly feel like saying it. Surprise “I love you”s melt the heart

13. At the start and end of the day. Waking up is a miracle, it is not guaranteed. For as long as your spouse breaths; let your spouse know he/she is loved