1. Saying sorry doesn’t make you weak or less of a man or woman, it actually brings you honour

2. Saying sorry shows that you care about your partner’s feelings. Choosing not to do so makes your partner defensive and withdrawn

3. Most adults don’t want to accept responsibility and they keep blaming others thus destroying valuable relationships

4. If you are obsessed about being right then you are not ready to love

5. Don’t wait until it’s too late or things become complicated to apologise. Apologise to your partner as soon as you are aware you have hurt him/her

6. When you justify your reasons why you hurt your partner, you deepen the wound. Own up

7. Even when you think you have done no wrong, as long as your partner feels offended by you, an apology is needed. Don’t belittle your partner’s feelings

8. Don’t throw money and gifts at problems. Be brave enough to attend to your partner’s feelings instead of covering up

9. Don’t keep repeating what you apologise for. It shows insincerity

10. Don’t hide behind sex. Just because in the middle of an issue you and your spouse have great sex doesn’t mean an apology is no longer needed

11. Don’t over apologise. If you have said sorry and your partner has forgiven you, stop feeling sorry and dwelling on the issue. You will drain your love for each other. Move on to loving better

12. Sometimes all that is needed to save your relationship/marriage is “I am sorry”

13. Don’t be so easy to apologise to your boss, friends, pastor, clients yet find it difficult to apologise to your partner. Your life partner should matter the most

14. Teach your children to say sorry by apologising to them when you treat them unfairly, harshly or fail to do as promised

15. Remember that love covers a multitude of sins. Your partner doesn’t expect you to be perfect, he/she expects your effort to be better