1. Lord teach me to value sex and hold it sacred so that I be physically, emotionally and sexually faithful to my partner

2. Lord teach me to understand my partner and his/her history and upbringing and use me as a vessel to mould my partner to be better

3. Lord,  teach me to be patient with my partner and celebrate even the little progress we make or he/she makes. You who started a good work in my partner and in us will be faithful to complete

4. Lord before I expect my partner to behave a certain way, let me practice and live up to those expectations

5. Lord, help me to be inviting and peaceful enough for my partner to confide in me and enjoy talking with me

6. Lord, teach me to not just speak wisdom to my spouse but to speak it with the right tone so that the wisdom You give me may be well received

7. Lord teach me to be sensitive enough to hear the silent cries of my partner and pick up the secret struggles my partner is struggling with

8. Lord, if ever I do wrong to my partner,  let your Holy Spirit in me convict me and provide the grace for me to change

9. Lord, help my partner to understand me.  Please don’t let me be lonely and frustrated yet with someone

10. Lord,  teach my partner and I to unlearn and leave behind any habit, impurities, foul talk or improper sexual acts we picked up from our former relationships

11. Lord,  teach me not to live in fear and stereotype or prejudice against my partner based on how others hurt me in the past. Help me to heal

12. Lord, use me to help my partner to heal. Let me be calming, assuring, healing voice for my partner

13. Lord, hold my tongue when I am about to say something hurtful or insensitive to my partner

14. Lord teach me to control my anger and not to make life uncomfortable for my partner

15. Lord allow my partner and I to have an abundance of good times full of laughter, joy, smiles and pleasant memories

16. Lord,  help my partner and I not to compete with others or covet what others have. Help us to discern which season we are in, whether the season for planting, trials, breakthrough, revival or promotion

17. Lord, help my partner and I to solve disagreements maturely and quickly so that we don’t prolong the discord and mess up our love

18. Lord,  use our love to better execute our individual purpose. Help me to know and support my partner’s destiny, purpose, talents and business

19. Lord, help us both to contribute financially to our goals. Help us to appreciate each other’s contribution for we do this as a team

20. Lord,  help us to make wise financial decisions and that money will not tear us apart. Help us not to sink in to debt. Help us to create wealth and to be a blessing to others

21. Lord,  teach us to forgive and to correct with love

22. Lord, keep me from turning my partner into an idol that stands in between You and me.  My relationship with You comes first. May I grow closer to you no matter the ups and downs with my partner