23. “Pursuit”

This is what starts the bond between a man and a woman. Either a man noticing a woman and pursuing her, or a woman strategically positioning herself in his way and he gets attracted and pursues. The man must chase after her, and even when she gives into him, he must maintain his interest in her

22. “Fun”

A woman wants a man who will give her a good time. A man to make her laugh, happy, alive and excite her

21. “Romance”

She wants a man who charms her, a creative man to sweep her off her feet. A man who is smooth and knows how to melt her heart. Kisses her randomly

20. “Desire”

When her man looks at her with desire, it makes her feel more sexy. Women love to be wanted, for her man’s eyes to undress her and search her core, for his touch to show that he wants her

19. “Compliments”

She wants to be complimented. Man, never get tired of telling her she is beautiful, you chose her because she is beautiful to you. Thank her, praise her goodness, appreciate her effort, be courteous

18. “Honesty”

Honesty is crucial to her. Be honest about your feelings, honest about your past, honest about your intentions with her. Tell her even the painful truths, she can handle it. It will hurt her more if she realizes you have been lying to her

17. “Information”

A woman is more comfortable when you empower her with information. She will give you space and find her way around if you give her info. Tell her when you are going with your friends, alert her when you are about to be busy, tell her when you can’t talk or are not available and she will understand and rest easy

16. “Respect”

Treat her like a grown woman, never abuse her or insult her, listen to her opinion, don’t embarrass her

15. “Support”

She needs her man to stand by her. Support her dreams, pick her up when she’s down, encourage her

14. “Fairness”

No double standards. Do to her what you expect her to do to you. Don’t dictate to her, accomodate her views, you are equal partners in this love

13. “Teamwork”

Involve her in your life, ask for her advice, decide together, share with her your problems, allow her to be on your side

12. “Security”

She wants a secure future. Show her that with you she is heading to a better place, be a provider. Even if you currently don’t have much wealth, show effort, demonstrate that her future is better with you

11. “Vision”

A woman wants to walk with a man who has a vision and pursues his vision. She wants a man with a purpose, she will not take a walk to nowhere

10 “Intimacy”

She wants more than sex, she wants to be made love to by a spouse determined to give her maximum pleasure. Her body has many secrets and she wants to continually feel the highest of orgasms caused by a spouse who not only makes love to her body, but her heart and mind also

9. “Faithfulness”

Faithfulness is non-negotiable

8. “Words and actions of love”

She wants to be told she is loved and to be done to and for actions that back up and confirm those affectionate words. Don’t just speak love, show love; showing love is not enough, speak love

7. “Conversation”

A woman loves to talk and be listened to, she values the heart to heart talks with her man. Listen and also speak, she wants to know her man

6. “Understanding”

As she opens up, she wants to be understood. She is not sharing her issues to attract pity, but to be understood by her man. She needs her man to know why she is the way she is; don’t judge her, understand her and you’ll know her better

5. “Nourishment”

She wants spiritual nourishment from his grown spirit, intellectual nourishment from his deep mind and emotional stimulation from his mature heart. She wants him to cause her to grow

4. “Companionship”

She wants her man/husband to be her best friend. No woman wants to age or die lonely

3. “Trust”

Trust makes her feel safe with you, makes her let down her guard and rely on you. Don’t break it

2. “Time”

The evidence of love is time. A woman will equate how much a man loves her by how much time he gives to her or shares with her; is she his number one priority?

1. “Commitment”

This is the most important thing she looks for. She wants the position in his life cemented. She wants a private and public assurance that she is the only one. Make her your official lady, ask her to marry you, marry her, tell the world she is yours, seal her position A woman whose position is fixed, vowed to and guaranteed gives her all and builds her man up in a way only a woman deep in love can