Shall the prey be taken from the mighty, or shall the lawful captive delivered — Isaiah 49:24

The prey

When Adam and Eve sinned, they become prey to the enemy of souls. According to the penalty, they were to suffer the consequences of sin. The world and the atmosphere and everything in it were cursed because of their disobedience. And they become prey to death.

When God created man originally, he admitted that everything was perfect and good. It was not so after the fall. But woe and misery followed. Sorrows were appointed to mankind all the days of their life. the first pair and their offsprings now have to struggle for their very existence.

Taken from the mighty

Satan is a mighty foe. He is a skillful predator. Like a lion, he seeks whom he may devour. If it was not for the grace of God, and the blood that is shed on Calvary, we would have been captive forever. But thanks be to God, who has given us the gift of salvation, a way out of this captivity.

The lawful captive

When mankind sins, they become the legal captive of Satan. If God never intervened, they should have never had an opportunity to come out of the grave. For it is written, that the wages of sin is death.

We see the story play out in the old testament. It is written, that death reigns from Adam to Moses. All the human beings that died before Moses stayed in the grave, but when Moses died, God wanted to resurrect him. He did not desire that his servant should lie on the dust.

Satan revolted. Never before has God attempted to resurrect a human being. Satan reason that Moses was his lawful captive. He argues that Moses was a sinner that deserves to die and remain in the grave. The Lord had other plans; he rebuked Satan.

when man sinned he became the lawful captive of death. because the sentence is justified and deserved man is a LAWFUL God cant save man just like that.He would break His own law.So He offers a way out. a marvellous solution called The Plan of Redemption. in Genesis the 10 commandments were summarized into 1 command “Dont eat the forbidden fruit”. by breaking that law men deserved to die. God doesnt erase death but what He does is He switches the victim.just like He switched the victim so Abraham didnt have to sacrifice his son Isaac but the provided Lamb/sheep that appeared nearby.Abraham still sacrificed,but a different victim. so it is with us. death is the wages of sin. and God’s Law will see death get its deserving victim, but God switches the victim. he places Jesus in our place.It cant be a sheep or an Angel.but the new Victim is the very Being who created man.only man’s Maker can be man’s Substitute.Thats the only person legally able to take the place of the entire human race. the Law of God is equal to GOD.and EVEN GOD HIMSELF CAN NOT CHANGE HIS LAW but He can redirect the wages of sin to another who is also equal to that law and who accepts to suffer the punishment demanded by the law: JESUS CHRIST. So God in accordance with His Law still carries out the sentence of death on humanity but the Lawful Captive is delivered by Jesus taking on that punishment on Himself as the substitute Lawful Captive. so the Prey of The Terrible is delivered.the Lawful Captive is set free— but at a great personal cost to God. the Judge that sentenced the criminal to Jail just did the unthinkable- HE RELEASED THE PRISONER AND TOOK HIS PLACE!!!!!!! The law is not broken.yet justice is served.
this is the outworking of the principles that have been the foundation of God’s government from eternity. Psalms 89:14 tells us : ” Righteousness and justice are the foundation of thy throne; MERCY AND TRUTH go before thee”.
and thats why Psalms 85:10 refering to this delivering of Lawful Captives AKA the Plan of Salvation says : ” mercy and truth are met together;righteousness and peace have kissed each other ” its so amazing the Bible refers to it in romantic language!!!!!!!!!!


There is a way made for the guilty and for the legal captive to be delivered. God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Through the sacrifice and blood of Jesus, we can be delivered.

It is written, that the time will come when all that lie in the grave will hear the voice of the son of man. When Jesus comes the second time, he will come to deliver the captives from death. Because he has to pay the penalty, he has the power and the ability to rescue the prey from the mighty.

Jesus has all power in heaven and on Earth. There is nothing that has dominion over us. Jesus can deliver from all woes and all sins. He is mighty to save, O wonderful! Christ is more powerful than the mightiest of all foes. Hallelujah!