Destiny is like a book. Every chapter represents a phase of suspenseful experiences previously un-encountered. Each chapter is deemed a task or series of tasks that must be accomplished by you in a life span. Every page of each chapter is pregnant with events whose end we know not until we live them out. The words, sentences, the lines, the paragraphs all join in one accord to present, in unison, a packaged journey to a climactic outcome. Just as one chapter alone does not constitute the totality of the story of an entire book, even so, one page of events in your life does not define the entire aim of the author of your life. The last chapter can only be understood by following the progression of thought in preceding chapters. Then, together, the chapters of your destiny combine to produce an unforgettable story which gives fulfillment to both the author and the readers. Th e author in this case is God, and your readers are fellow humans whose lives will be impacted by the chronicles of your life. But, note also that just as every book has a beginning and an end, every destiny must attain finality too. But at the end, what will your chapters reveal? Find answers now in the Chapters of Destiny by

Do you locate your self heading into the New Year distracted and disorganized?

Does some thing usually sabotage your plans?

Do you experience like a failure going across the equal mountain 12 months after 12 months?

Hindering spirits that distract you’ll bring about postpone and disappointment.  These demons are assigned to preserve you in bondage to scouse borrow your destiny! 

We recognise through Revelation 12 that the dragon (Satan) fell to earth with little time and outstanding fury.  He got here to collect as many souls for his nation as possible.  But he bumped into a roadblock; the blood of Jesus Christ.   In Revelation 12:11 they overcame Satan through the blood of the Lamb and through the phrase in their testimony and that they did now no longer love their lives unto death.

Satan can’t have our souls due to the blood of Jesus so he ambitions at hindering our testimony. That’s the prone region wherein Satan makes use of distraction to take us off path to postpone us after which carry in desire deferred and disappointment.

If the demonic nation can postpone you lengthy sufficient you can start to hear mocking spirits whispering:

“You are a failure.”

“You will in no way quantity to anything.”

“Nothing is ever ideal sufficient for you.”

These phrases can distort your self-photograph and purpose you to agree and repeat:

“I am unworthy.”

“I am now no longer capin a position to….”

“I am usually an afternoon overdue and a greenback short!”

Negative phrase curses which you accept as true with permit hindering spirits to set-up save and derail you.

How you notice your self, that photograph units up your religious ceiling.

3-Steps to Begin Conquering Hindering Spirits

  1. Break the Word Curses. Pray: Father, I cancel every phrase curse of (list) that I actually have spoken over my myself or that others have spoken over me withinside the call and blood of Jesus Christ.  I ruin all settlement with the ones phrase curses and claim that they may haven’t any strength over me from nowadays forth. I cause in my coronary heart to talk and accept as true with phrases of existence and now no longer death.
  2. Replace that incorrect self-photograph with Gods Image of you. I used to have a defeated self-photograph.  I am afraid to move after my dreams.  Thankfully God were given a preserve of me and that ungodly self-photograph didn’t line up with me anymore.  I identified that what I allowed to prevent me turned into my settlement with that apprehensive cowering position.   I needed to alternate the photograph I noticed of myself and allow the phrase of God paint me a brand new photograph.  I am extra than a conqueror!

In his ee-e book, “Don’t Limit God” Andrew Wommack writes: We can’t come to be who God says we’re until we are able to see ourselves as He sees us.  We turns into what we consider whether or not that photograph is superb or negative.  If we suppose we’re failures, we are able to be.  We must address our creativeness and get it to line up with Gods opinion of us.  We can’t allow what humans say or our incorrect agreements decide our identification or our future.

  1. Spend time in God’s phrase day by day. The handiest manner to recognise who you’re in Jesus Christ is to meditate day by day on God’s Word.  The ee-e book of Ephesians and Colossians are appropriate locations to start.  Ask God to expose his reality to you thru the strength of the Holy Spirit earlier than you start analyzing your Bible every day.   My pastor usually says, “You might in no way starve your frame of meals deliberately so why starve your spirit the meals of God’s phrase!”

These are actual steps to beginning the 12 months off proper however in case you understand a steady war with those demons, deliverance counseling is a effective step forward.

Don’t spend any other 12 months doing the “circle dance” across the mountain!  Make a plan to do one element specific this 12 months so as to take you deeper into your promised land!

I maintain listening to and believing that 2020 is the 12 months to stay your dreams!