When you get married, you should be marrying someone who adds on to your life and not take away from it. The kingdom of God works in multiplication and addition––not subtraction. As you and your spouse grow together you should see yourself growing and becoming better in the following areas:

1. Spiritually– Your spouse should push you to God and encourage you to love Him with all your heart. Marriage allows you to have someone to pray with, to encourage you in the Lord, and push you to walk out your assignment.

2. Emotionally– A healthy marriage creates a place where a person can express their emotions. Marriage provides a refuge for your heart. Marriage should help defuse stress, worry, and fear.

3. Financially– While people get married at different phases of their lives, when a couple works together as a team, they should gradually see their financial status begin to change. Cooperation in career choices, schooling, and bringing two incomes together should help the family grow financially.

4. Physically– Research states that people who have healthy marriages often tend to be physically healthier, especially men. Regular sexual intimacy in marriage helps diffuse physical problems such as cancer and other stress-related issues.

Overall Life Satisfaction– A healthy marriage helps a person’s overall satisfaction in life. Having a witness to walk with you through life brings a lot of joy, especially when the person is supportive, loving, and kind.

I am De Edifier