My wife

I wish the Pastor would visit our home more often

When the Pastor is at home, you treat me best

You get to treat me as a King, only when the Pastor is around

When the Pastor is at home you serve me with a smile

You ask me what I want, you praise me

If I am lucky, you’d pray and rub your hand on mine

Are you hoping the Pastor will give you the Best wife award?

I wish our friends would be around us more often

Especially the friends that you admire

When those friends are around, you treat me extra special

You hold me like you don’t want to let go

When those friends are around

You talk to me with the warmest tone

I see you blushing to my most gentle advances

Are you trying to show them that we are a happy couple?

I wish your family would visit more often

Your parents, my parents, your siblings, my siblings

When they are at a close distance

I feel like your husband the most

When family is around, you laugh more

You become hospitable, not just to them but to me too

You show me utmost respect

Are you trying to show them you made the right choice in choosing me?

It seems you care what everyone else thinks besides me

For when every one leaves and it’s just us two

You go back to the wife who shows little warmth

It’s like you put an act to perform wife when others are watching

When it’s just us two you rarely show me acts of kindness or service

You shout at me, talk to me anyhow you want

I rarely see the spark in your eyes

You do and say things that make me feel disrespected

When no one is watching you put little effort to please me

We rarely pray, I struggle to hear you call me an affectionate name

I search for a moment when you don’t start a fight with me

But such moments are far in between

What happened to you?

What happened to the wife I knew?

The woman I fell in love with

The woman that I made my wife

I have looked back at how I treat you

And I am certain I have been a good husband

I have apologized when wrong and done my best

To give the love I know my wife deserves

Is it that you’ve become too familiar with me?

Are you hurting and hiding putting up a show?

I choose not to bark back at you

Because as head of the family, I try to maintain peace

This is not me complaining

This is me desperately pleading to the wife you used to be

I am pleading to her telling her to come back

Come back my loving wife, I miss you