1. Not every woman is a gold digger after your money. Some women are hard working, supportive, see you for more than your money and want to build an empire with you. Question is, do you have a vision, will you allow her to help you?

2. Not every woman is boring in bed and shy during sex. Some women are kinky, naughty, sexually creative as they remain faithful. Question is, will you allow her to please you as your wife?

3. Not every woman is shallow in conversations. Some women are deep, intelligent, thought provoking and well versed in matters such as business, leadership, science, technology, the Word. Question is, do you tap into her depth or have you reduced her to just a pretty face?

4. Not every woman is out to discredit you to your children and turn your children against you. Some women, even if they disagree with you or end things with you they will not stand in between you and you children or fight you with the children. Question is, do you fight her with the children?

5. Not every women is led by emotions and is irrational. Some women have control over their moods and emotions and are emotionally wise. Question is, do you have control over your emotions?

6. Not every woman is full of drama. Some women love peace, they would rather talk things out gently, steer away from fights and want to give you peace. Question is, are you full of drama?

7. Not every woman is a flirt, entertaining men whilst with you. Some women, despite being sexy and beautiful, they have their dignity and will turn down other men because she is committed to you online and offline. Question is, are you committed to her?

8. Not every woman will look down on you when they succeed, scale educational heights or earn more than you. Some women, despite their rise, she will still respect you and honour you. Question is, are you secure in your own identity?

9. Not every woman is a gossip, hanging around other women to talk about you behind your back. Some women have outgrown gossip, they choose their friends well and cover you in public. Question is, do you treat her well in private?

10. Not every woman sees men as good for nothing, not every woman is bashing men and singing “I don’t need a man” and “What a man can do a woman can do better”. Some women see the value in a man, cherish companionship and see no need for gender battles. Question is, do you see the opposite gender as an enemy?