A skillful penis is not enough to satisfy a grown woman!

My wife and I run two Facebook Groups on matters of love and purpose;

One day, I shared one of my posts with the members of the Group about the depth of love. One of the members wrote a very powerful comment. She wrote, “As for me, sex isn’t everything, because I learned that being with a man who is good at it but worse in other things is so confusing”

Gentlemen, this is where we go wrong. To many men, they think the biggest pick up line to a woman is “Hey, I have a nine inch penis and it can sex you good. I can drive you crazy!”… In fact, some men even send pictures of their erected penis to various women (even strangers) on social media inbox, hoping that she would be so impressed and want nothing but his penis.

A grown woman who is serious about love is not interested in a man who sells lust. Lust doesn’t last, she wants something long-term. She wants love beyond the penis and vagina.

Even in marriage, many men have been accused of thinking only about sex, or being good to their wives only when sex is the agenda. During the act of sex, many women complain that men tend to think only about themselves. Look at even when men talk, they mock each other’s penis size and design as if the characteristics of a penis determines the value of a man.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not that women don’t have sexual needs or don’t desire great love making; they do, but they want more than an orgasm. Every woman would want a marriage with a great sex life, but also a marriage that has substance.

Women want a man who sees sex as just a small fraction of the equation of love and marriage. How long does a sex episode take? Five minutes, ten, twenty, thirty? No matter how long, even for the most loving married couples, sex doesn’t happen each and every day; that’s how small a part sex is in marriage. That is why a couple can have great sex but the woman still doesn’t feel loved.

A grown woman wants a husband who will take time to know more than just her vagina; she wants a man who will mine her mind, search her soul, explore her heart and take care of her emotions. She wants to be married to her best friend, not just a man with a horny penis. She wants intimate conversations, a man who hungers for depth, even as he longs for her body.

This is why in my book MANHOOD SERIES, in Lesson 4, I address the issue of man and his penis and in the book WOMANHOOD SERIES, I address women and sex in Lesson 6.

Sex is easy to get, it just needs two horny people with sexual organs; but intimacy and love is rare, a blessing and takes time to cultivate.

All those hours you are spending watching porn, use that time instead to study your woman. Porn only teaches you how to enter a vagina through different angles and styles; but you need to learn how to enter her dreams so that you see her future, how to enter her heart so that you see how loving she is, how to enter her mind so that you see how wise she is, how to enter her spirit and you will see God, how to enter her soul and you will see her core. Missionary, doggystyle, 69; know more than sex positions, position yourself to know her. Make her feel loved, cared for, understood and looked after and the sex in your marriage will automatically be passionate because women make love with their heart. Be one with her and that means more than sexual.