1. Will love you knowing that God is watching

2. Will know that whatever they are doing to you good or bad, they are doing to God

3. Will not take revenge, treating you bad because you hurt them. His/her goodness is not dependent on your goodness

4. Will seek to love you in a manner that pleases God

5. Will honour you even when you two are not physically together. It is not about you watching, but God watching

6. Will not allow you to ruin their relationship with God. God comes first before you

7. Will find it easier to forgive you because forgiveness is what God expects of them

8. Will not be guided by feelings and emotions which can be misleading; but be called to a higher way of living life

9. Will not join you in doing things that don’t please God; meaning he/she will challenge your wrong decisions with love

10. Will love praying for you because it is their responsibility to cover you and bless you

11. Will strive to see you the way God sees you

12. Will seek God’s wisdom and help on how to love you best

13. Will parent the children well, knowing that parenthood is stewardship given by God

14. Will be open to correction knowing that God desires him/her to grow and bear fruit

15. Will seek to minister to and add value to your life for the glory of God