1. A lifestyle change isn’t required for God to accept people. All He asks for is a ‘heart change.’

2. If you have a vision and you do not act on it, it will die. A vision not actioned is auctioned!

3. What did God tell Moses to do? To speak to the rock. And what was going to happen? Water was going to come out. In fact until Moses carried out the instruction and spoke, nothing would have happened. But there are many rocks in your life which need only your speaking to them to release their stored contents. Why has the water not come out? Because you are looking at the rock as a stone, but God is seeing it as a reservoir.

4. Christians can face heavy trails of the enemy. We can be knocked down but we can never be knocked out.

5. The keys to success and prosperity are grace, faith and hardwork.

6. A vital key to success is that achievers risk their lives.

7. Too much playing safe has destroyed the aspirations of men and women headed for success

8. Religion offers nothing; it is a dark alley leading nowhere.

9. We have nothing to offer the heathen but a religion, and true Christianity is not a religion. Religion is only a form, a ceremonial observance, but Christianity is a life itself. Christianity is the core, heart and nature of Jesus Christ being manifested in man.

10. A believer who is undisciplined and slothful in business principles will not prosper.

11. I was made in Heaven assembled in Nigeria and dispatched to my generation.

12. Faith does not make things easy, it makes them possible.

13. No man ever wins when he is afraid to fight.

14. God can take you from ‘who are you’ to ‘how are you?’

15. Zealousness doesn’t give you what you require from God, but faith is the raw material that gives you a better thing from God.

16. God is looking for a voice not an echo.

17. Learn to fight even when you are not willing to fight, because the day you cease fighting, you star losing.

18. If you listen too much to what people say about you, you will not listen to what God is saying to you.

19. Anything taller than you is under the feet of God.

20. Whatever you admire in life, desire it, and whatever you desire in life reacquire it, and whatever you require in life, aspire for it, don’t retire, but refire, when you refire, the acquire that which you desire that you admire in life

21. I don’t worry, I don’t fear, I know that God is on my side.

22. Don’t tell me how big your mountain is. Tell your mountain how BIG your God is.

23. When it looks as if God is refusing to answer, endeavor to respond with a waiting.

24. The mark of a born-again Christian is his soldier status. All God’s children are warriors. God’s servants are all fighters.

25. My life has never been in danger, God is in control, and no man can plan evil against me and succeed