My Dear Husband,

You make me a proud wife.

When other women complain about their unfaithful husbands, how they are scared about their husbands giving them a sexual disease; you are my faithful husband, I trust you, you give me peace of mind.

When other women complain about being disrespected in their own home; you treat me like a Queen.

When other women complain about not being sexually satisfied in their marriage bed; you make me so wet, you take me to the sweetest high, I love our intimacy, I love cumming for you, feeling so good when I open my legs for only you.

When other women regret getting married; you daily show me marrying you was the wisest decision I have ever made.

When other women cry to God constantly because of the stress in their marriage; you give me reasons to thank God and spend more time praising than lamenting.

When other women have resulted to hating and despising men because of the pain their husbands bring them; you make me appreciate men, you have bettered my view of men.

When other women are disappointed by the dead beat men that abandoned them when they got pregnant; you are a great father that is present, responsible and active.

When other women feel lonely in their marriage despite having a husband; you are my best friend, you make me laugh, you make me feel cared for, you know how to make me smile.

When other women don’t trust their secretive husbands; you are open with me, you tell me your schedule, I know your friends, I don’t need to investigate because you are not suspicious, you are clean.

When other women complain about their husbands coming home late or not coming home for days; you love our home, family dinner is special to you, you mark your territory in the home you and I build.

When other women complain about being abused, insulted and beaten up by the man they love; you use your hands to love me, your lips kiss me, your words build me, if anyone tries to harm me you protect me.

When other women hold back their love to their husbands because they are not sure if their husbands love them anymore; you make me love loving you, I feel safe and so I give you my all.

When other women feel hidden by their husbands, their husbands are ashamed to say they are married to them; you on the hand are proud of me, you show off how much you feel blessed to have me.

When other women complain that they do almost everything in their marriage unlike their lazy husbands, when other women feel used and tired; you work hard, you have a vision, you are hungry for success, you are my reliable partner, you take initiative, you help out with chores even before I ask, you and I are a formidable team.

When other women complain about their prayerless husbands who have neglected their spiritual role; you love to pray, you take the lead in spiritual matters, you represent God, you let God use you, the high priest in our home.

This is not me mocking other women, this is not me thinking I am more special than other women. This is me saying I appreciate that I have a great husband. You put a lot of effort in being the admirable man you are and I appreciate your efforts. God has done a lot of work in you over years and it is not a small matter.

I celebrate you my King. I am a great wife because you are a great husband. How you love me frees me to love you in the best way. What a joy to be your Queen!