Text: Luke 1:57-64

The man in our text served God with his wife all their lives but they had no children. God remembered them in the end; history said Elizabeth was 86 years and Zachariah was almost 90 years old. The glaring thing was that their persistence wearied their resistance; though at the point of deliverance, Zachariah doubted which made him dumb for some time. The Bible is about the workings of God and principles interwoven with human experience.

Before the child was born, his assignment was given before arrival; he was packaged for destiny. But the elders wanted to name him Zachariah according to custom in order for him to continue his father’s name and experience; but his mother said NO, she said his name will be called JOHN.

NB: You are supposed to be a different breed from your family tree. You can’t suffer what they suffer; defy kindred spirit! Why? Because YOU ARE ANOTHER KIND OF THEM! I know people don’t last in your family, etc but you are different… you are not supposed to be like the rest of them, YOU ARE THE BEST OF THEM!

1. Deal with Kindred Spirit (Genesis 12:1-4).
Kindred Spirit has a way of packaging you for the life you don’t want to experience; if you can’t break loose from family devils, you can’t fulfil your assignment.
Read: Hebrews 5:7
The attempt to kill Jesus was made eleven times (11) but He escaped all because He prayed. Kindred Spirit has no respect for the anointing only for covenant. Check whatever you are going through, it is not new, it is in the family line, your insistence in prayer and covenant details will bury Satanic aggression.
In the case of Saul there was no kingship in his lineage, so powers fought him and he lost it; many are pursued until they lost it in marriage, business, etc
NB: It is not the person of Jesus that lifts men; it is His principles. So you can be in church for donkey of years with nothing to show if you only know the person of Jesus without the understanding of His principles.

1. Fight to be different
2. Know your history
3. You must avoid their lifestyle
4. Engage covenant practices e.g of giving.
5. Engage prophetic assistance
6. Sacrifice (live a life of sacrifice).
7. Always go for impartation

I pray for you, receive covenant impetus to break the backbone of devil; refuse to be limited by the powers, impediments, and forces in your family line. By fire be loosed from any kindred spirit in the mighty name of Jesus.