It’s possible to meet the man of your dreams, the problem is, he is a full fledged married man. You know you shouldn’t be feeling the way you do but you seem completely helpless.

Each time you see him or think about him, you wish you are in his arms, completely secured in his love. You are so madly in love with him, you can’t imagine how life will be without him.

Alright sis., I perfectly understand what you are going through but you need to put your brain in check. You are losing control of your emotions and you should regain your sanity before you do something completely insane!Dating a married man is not as sweet as Hollywood makes it looks.

It’s full of pain, regret, betrayal, emotional roller coaster, depression, oppression and you may one day commit suicide that is if you were not murdered! What are the things you need to do to call your senses back if you seem helplessly in love with a married man? Know this:


He has a first love -his wife. He has taken her to the altar, everybody knows that. He has pledged before God and man to stay faithful to her forever. Coming in at this point makes you an intruder, a thief, a husband snatcher and a home wrecker! You are not all that? Then loose him and let him go!!!


Which is normal. Some have abnormal jealousy that is murderous and full of rage. There are stories of wives killing their husbands’ mistresses.

Some sent hired assasins to do the dirty job while some turned them to pitiable human beings. You have heard stories of “innocent” ladies being beaten, battered, maimed, burnt, poured acid on or killed by unknown men. That is the power of jealousy!

Some don’t do all these. They take her name to a juju man who invoke terrible curses on her! You are too young to have your life altered by a jealous wife, stay a million miles away from her husband!

3. IT ATTRACTS CURSES: Someone else will do it to your husband. Some married women who weep, lament and complain that mistresses are sleeping around with their husbands are simply reaping what they have sown. If you make a woman sad in her marriage, a thousand women are waiting to break your own home too!

4. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE A GOOD MARRIAGE: No natter how faithful your husband is, you will never trust him and eventually push him out!

You will always watch your back, imagining things that are not there. You will think every lady on the street is sleeping with him the same way you were sleeping with married men when you were single.

You will never have peace each time you see him with his colleague, client, student, or your sisters! You will grow terribly jealous, paranoid, neurotic, psychotic, manic depressive and eventually insane!


Your past will keep haunting you.


God frowns at adultery. The Bible says, “…fornicators and adulterers God will judge….” adultery is a terrible thing.

So sister, before you agree to date that man, think about all these. They are real and they happen to real people. Be careful what you sow, for whatever you sow you shall reap! Remain blessed.