She was sitting on the bed.

Her husband came and sat next to her, bumped his shoulder on her shoulder.

“Thank you for being my peace” he told her.

She bumped her shoulder on his and said.

“Where did that come from love?” she asked.

“You have no idea how important peace is to a man and you give that to me. When we have a disagreement, you hold your tongue and this makes it easy for you and I to solve issues. When I fall short, you don’t bark at me and complain, you appreciate me as you bring to my attention where I need to improve. When I have a bad day at work, you make sure I have an easy day at home by taking care of me. When I come home, you welcome me with warmth not attacking questions. When I delay in doing something, you don’t order me but politely remind me and I find it easier to please you. You don’t compete with me for power in the house, you are gentle, you make it easy to talk to you even about the toughest matters because I know your calmness helps me to find solutions. Home is not home to a man if there is no peace, you make me feel at home with you” he told her.

She smiled. Kissed him and said.

“Thank you for being my rock. You give me the security and clarity to feel like I belong, making it easy for me to give all I have and I’m. You are dependable and steady, I have no doubt in my mind that you love me. You are firm in your commitment without wavering making me trust you. I can trust on your word making me proud to be your Mrs. You support my dreams and cheer my success… Honey, do you know how many wives have husbands who don’t care about their dreams in life? Even if the world will abandon me, I can rely on you to be there. When I have doubts in my mind, you calm me down. I love you”

“I love you too” he told her.

They hugged and breathed together.

“We are blessed to have each other” he told her.

“Very very blessed. Thank you for doing life with me” she said