Pioneering Church work goes beyond Feeling, instinct, Prophet said or human hailing…”man of God, I see grace on your head”…..a confused man who have no successful direction for his own life is telling you to go plant a church? Don’t miss your God given place and get yourself into mess because of Desperation and Exorbitance. Remember, it’s not all that are called that are choosing and the owner of the harvest is the one to send labourers. He is not looking for volunteers…HEAR THIS>If you are the one praying and asking for location, time, where, whatever…. Believe you me, base on Bible standard from Genesis to Revelation you are not CALLED. Called people in the Bible never prayed such prayers, they were all busy in the farm, river, office and even at home before the call sounded. And those of you who was entrusted with a Church branch and you convert it to your own with sweet mouth to get sympathy and support, you succeeded in enlisting yourself as a Rebel… Check your Bible and know the rewards for them either sooner or later.No one will ever stop you from doing church work but the counsel is DO IT IN THE RIGHT ORDER…. It’s not all work done for God or in His name that will be accepted, if the sort is wrong, it will be burn by FIRE. 1 CORINTHIANS 3:10-15