Father lord, may we not have the best of talents, &  void of Godly character. I have seen the best of men who are heavily gifted,  and their ministries suppose to be a global blessing, but its not, just because they have a good container that has no content. Talents will surely take you to the top, but if its void of character to sustain it at the climax, it will end up land crashing, and here by causing a global disgrace. Nothing exposes little weaknesses that we ignore, like fame/limelight.  This might be God talking to us to pay more close attention to those things that we think that don’t matter. The devil has the advantage of time. He can wait for 50 years just to knock a man on a mission down. May we be humble enough to heed to the holy spirit to deal with those character threats that are capable of ruining God’s assignment in our lives. All eyes come on you once u come to lime light, and that’s why it shouldn’t come to you unprepared. When preparation meets with opportunity, success is born. Don’t act as if we don’t desire greatness, of course everyone does, because that’s Gods plans for us. Its time to pay a close attention to all round capacity building, than chasing after rewards that suppose to come at the end of the process. When you place a bucket under a water tap to get filled up, once the water gets to the climax of the bucket, it must start running down. The same thing applies to some who pays close attention to preparation, because when the time comes for you to be projected to your generation, nothings stops it because the time is due. Success doesn’t happen by accident, rather it comes as a result of diligence and also having a track record of preparation for years. I understand the place of grace, but God doesn’t extend some kinds of sensitive level of graces to some people, otherwise it will destroy them. God knows that his kingdom is at stake, so he’s being careful on who he should project out there to represent him. The projected talents that we celebrate today round the world are not the best of talents, rather they are men who have gone through the fire process of preparation. The principle of preparation is universal. Its time to build more capacity than chasing after shadow. Its Time to cry out to God to teach us HIS  ways 😢 😢 🙏 🙏

✏ ✍

From the Pastor’s desk