God has been helping us looking into the matter of knowing the will of God in marriage.

The second point we are going to be looking at is in Gen. 24:13

2. You must be in your elements at all times to know your right partner. If you study that verse very well, you will discover that Abraham’s servant we very sensitive.

The girl that will give my camels water and also give me to drink is the one that God has designed for my master’s son.

People of God – To be in your elements means to open your spirit man and start to look at for those things the Lord has told you about your partner during your prayer time.

If you read that verse 13 again, the servant told God to use signs to confirm,that God is the one that wants him to pick the lady.

For me, I call that FLEECE, it is a situation were a person decide to tell God to use a particular sign or situation for you to know that that is God’s will. This is not a recommended approach for today’s believers. WHY?

In their time, they didn’t have direct access to God unlike in our own time, we have the Holy Spirit inside of us – you don’t need to say that this or that should happen before for you to know.

Note, the devil is so crafty and cunning, he can orchestrate something for you that you want and if you are not careful you might miss it.

Gen. 24:1-8 – Look,at this passage.

There are among certain places, you must never pick a partner as a brother or sister. Note that this passage does not concern ethnicity. Most people interprete it to mean we should marry from our tribe.

That is not what the scripture is saying. It simply means marry someone that have the same faith life. The person must be born again. Know Jesus. I hear people say, even if he or she is not saved, I will change the person. Please it is very dangerous, no man can change a person, it’s only God.

Note this point: Someone can pretend to be born again, go to church, even be a worker. Please verify very well before accepting the proposal. Then another case is this, don’t marry someone that wants to get born again because of marriage. Please be very careful.

The person should get saved because he or she loves God, not because he wants to marry you. Ladies fall victims here most times. Watch the persons lifestyle over time to see the heart and sincerity to know Christ.


This is the woman you should marry. What do I mean? As you hear God and check you spirit, allow your partner time to respond back to you. Don’t be in a rush.

See Gen. 24:18 – The servant said if I tell her and she says to me I will give your camels water. Allow her to say back to you.

In the place of prayer, you got from the spirit a set of words which you say to her, and she replies. “I say, she says” – very important. When you key into the covenant rhythm, the thing works according to what God wants for your life.

What a man should expect from the woman he intends to marry on the platform of covenant is:

– Prettiness

– being a virgin

– being industrious and hardworking.

To be continued