Give her love and attention and she will…

Love to do things that excite you.

Look forward to spending time with you.

Glow beautifully just for you because you love her up.

Be in the right mental state to do great things in her career, work and business. When things are not well with her man, she struggles to focus.

Let you in on all her secrets.

Sexually please you beyond your wildest imagination.

Support you and help you because you have convinced her you two are a team.

Feel valued at home and make the home warm for you and the children.

Make you proud to the point you look at her and smile.

Trust you when you are far away.

Be your strength when you are at your lowest.

Not be tempted to chat or connect with others to feel special due to loneliness.

Enjoy intimacy and being in bed with you.

Defend your legacy and reputation.

Thank God for connecting her with you.

She will not regret all that she has invested in you, nor regret why she left single life to be with you. You will be the best decision she ever made because you treat her well and notice her.

To a woman, home = attention and special treatment