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So teach me to number my days, that I may apply my heart unto wisdom. Psalm 90:12


Lord I Remember
The Place where you brought me from,
Lord I thank You
For where I am today,
I see You doing
A new thing in my life,
Lord I’m grateful
For the future I see,
I’m so grateful
For the future I see.

Let Victor live, and not die, and let not his men be few Deut. 33:6

God, thank you for giving me the unique opportunity to be able to wish myself a happy birthday today in good health and happiness. I pray that You will continue to bestow blessings of health and joy on my life. Thank you. My phenomenal Creator, you make every day of my life so wonderfully beautiful, as only You can! GOD IS MY STRENGTH AND REWARD.

My Dad used to look at me and tell me; You are the best, don’t let any man or woman tell you less, then I met my spiritual father cum pastor Dr Shadrach Yange and he will tell me the same. I then meet my wife and she would tell me you are great. You have a lot to offer. You are handsome and world class. These helped me to believe in myself but to be all that God wants me to be!! If you are a man or a woman, surround yourself with people who speak the word of God over your life and if you don’t have those kind of people, surround yourself with the Word of God and make it the loudest voice in your ears! #De Edifier#sponsoredbygrace #fountain of my soul #Everything submits to Him#God is here#2020




My God is indescribable
His name is hallowed in the firmament
He’s the Passover Lamb through space and time
His majesty revealed to all
His love is so so overwhelming
His government, there is no end

So from the pages of my heart
Let my worship begin but never end
So from the pages of my heart
Let my worship begin but never end to the God of all flesh
For He’s my God and His name is Yahweh
His name is Yahweh.

I Almost Let Go

His love saw me,  a broken down kid with regret as deep as the ocean ; my innocence and youth poured out like water. Yet, he saw fit  to use me for his kingdom because He’s just that kind. I didn’t earn it and I sure as heck  don’t deserve it. But He is just that good.

Oh,  the overwhelming,  never ending,  reckless love of God.



But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day. Proverbs 4:18

”Happy 38th birthday to me.
Like King Solomon, all I ask for in 2020 is wisdom, oh Lord!”
James 1:5

God doesn’t disqualify you because of how you were raised. You may come from a family that didn’t honor God, there might be a lot of compromise and dysfunction in your past, but the good news is that doesn’t have to stop you. God is choosing you to start a generational blessing. You’re the difference-maker. You can be the one to affect your family line for generations to come.

Not a single promise of God has failed, will fail or can ever fail. God will always keep His promises. His promises are Yes and Amen.



Zoe – The God kind of life

I tell you for free!

No one else matters more than JESUS.

They will all leave you when one problem shows up.

Believe me beloved, nothing matters more.


I’ve seen and I’ve tasted.

Uncles will leave, brothers will fail you, the systems of this world will hurt you, break you and make you feel enough void that will leave you in a deep mess.

But Jesus supersedes!

Addictions won’t satisfy!

Jesus gives impression.

He gave me a gift for you


Your life won’t remain same.

Your perspective about ministry will realign.


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As I celebrate my birthday today, I am immediately overwhelmed by feelings of gratitude to The Almighty. Over the last year there have been many major changes that have happened in my life. Some good, some not so good. But they have brought me to a place where I yearn for simplicity. I have always been a simplistic soul in the making…I just didn’t know how awesome it would feel when I actually simplified EVERYTHING!

To be simple and thankful together, is a sure shot recipe for inner happiness. I have simplified not only my outside world, but also my inside world. My thoughts and feelings, my hopes and dreams, my life purpose and my goals….have been drastically simplified. From wanting to write a book for fame to now writing a book for the sheer joy of helping, from wanting a massive house to now living in a cosy apartment with my family, to feeling overwhelmed by wants to being happy with my simple needs being met…..everything has been simplified and the process has made me so thankful for every little second to millisecond of my life.

I am happy to be ME today 🙂 How fun is that?

Practicing gratitude has made me simplify and attain inner peace and happiness.

On the occasion of a Heart full of gratitude on my birthday, I asked some of my beautiful and soulful friends, who also happen to be SUPERB life coaches, thinkers, writers, healers, bloggers and over all Positive souls you ought to know……..

How do you practice gratitude everyday and how has that positively affected your being?

Their answers and their ways will motivate you, inspire you and make you start being Grateful right this instant! Enjoy darlings…..

I practice gratitude because gratitude re-shifts the focus from what I may have lose to what I may have. Even if I lose something in the process, I’m grateful for anything I got, because being grateful will enforce those parts and send the loss in the shadow. It’s not always easy, but when I’m able to do it with my entire heart, I am reborn. It helped me see that, even if I am made of dark and light, like any other human being, I can control the percentage of light and dark in my being.

I’m by no means perfect at this, I’m still learning and shifting away from being dissatisfied to being more grateful for the things in my life. That also includes all the things that I wouldn’t otherwise normally be grateful for. Things like, time to myself on my train journey to work, even in the rush hour; having a lovely car that is reliable and luxurious, even when I’m in a traffic jam. I’m grateful for the amazing technology that is at my disposal that allows me to do amazing things that 10 years ago we would not have even thought possible. For anything bad, there is something good to be found, no matter how small. This small shift has made biggest difference to my life. I’ve started to love my enemies and cherish my flaws. Each and everyone of those things is a gift. Seeing both sides has allowed to appreciate them and become more centered, fulfilled and has granted me a feeling of greater harmony.

I am really simplifying my gratitude practice down to just being grateful to be alive and to be experiencing whatever is going on in my life at that moment, even if that happens to be uncomfortable emotions or a long wait at the post office. It’s all good as long because as I am breathing there is more right in my world than wrong. Having said that I try to make time for good experiences by consciously slowing down, walking daily on the beach and meditating outside so I can hear the birds sing and the wind in the trees whenever I can. I prioritize meditation and make sure it happens most days. Earlier this year I was feeling really depressed but this practice has helped me find balance and contentment. There are still bad moments but I know that’s all they are which makes it easier for me to cope with anything in short term and happier in the long run.

For me gratitude has become not just a daily practice, but what I will call a “momentary” practice. This meaning that I apply appreciation and/or gratitude for something in my awareness throughout numerous moments, each day. This usually includes some gratitude-based affirmation or acknowledgement that I share with others in my presence, or simply experience personally in the silence of my being. It can be inspired into action during some experience in nature, or with my life partner, or in my creative work, or through some social interaction. It can also be inspired simply by observing the experience of another being, often a stranger, and finding the gratitude within my own life for whatever their experience teaches me. Today I am abundant in my gratitude practice because I know that whatever is appreciated, flourishes, and I see the outcome of this in my life each day.

Living with gratitude daily has allowed me to cultivate a high degree of joy, appreciation and inner peace. It has empowered me to be accountable for being the source of my own happiness, and the creator of my life experiences. My life quality today has benefitted greatly thanks to it in every area from my health and relationships, to my how I spend my time and what I choose to invest my energy into.

I’ve been planting seeds of gratitude in my life over the past several years. My current gratitude practice is to exchange daily emails with my gratitude partner. We share 3 things that we are grateful for each day. Previously, I’ve practiced both writing and speaking about gratitude each day. All of these practices are creating the habit of looking for good in my life. This doesn’t mean that I feel grateful each moment, but I usually remember to look for something to appreciate in my life.

The gratitude practices encourage me to pause and refocus on gratitude for at least a few moments each day. I’m learning to let go of my stories and attachments. I find it more powerful to have another person to both share with and be accountable to. Sometimes, I’m even grateful for my challenges!

Open Your Heart to Gratitude

I like to remind myself how grateful I am for my blessings. I do this with a prayer practice that starts with and for myself, before extending love out to my family members and others. My favorite daily practice is to show appreciation to my children for being who they are. Then, during the day, I usually end my energy healing sessions for others with a note of thanks to my spiritual team. Finally, I give special thanks to the Universe for sending ideas, people and resources my way. Having a sense of gratitude shifts me into greater joy and awareness of the wonder and miracle of my being.


Number 38 Meaning

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The number 38 is about relationships, creative relationships.

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In essence, the numerology number 38 is about relationships. The relationships tend to sustain themselves through creative expression.

Teamwork, pulling together, companionship, romance, diplomacy, cooperation — all are in the number 38’s realm.

The number 38 also has an inherent talent for dealing with people in a creative and sensitive way.

The number 38 is a natural teamworker.

38 requires co-existence. Relationships within that co-existence is the energy of its essence. Whether in the role of team member, romantic interest, special companion, friend, or other type of relationship, the essence of coexistence is always present.

The number 38 generally is optimistic. People feel inspired when they’re around 38.

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Number Meaning Is Derived From Number Essence

The energy a number represents can be thought of as the number’s essence, its basic tone or vibration. As an overview, the essence of the number 38 is a composite containing the ideas of:



Creative self-expression




Meanings of the number 38 are interpretations of the essence in relation to its numerology chart position, or in relation to the situation or circumstances where the number occurs.

Here are example interpretations of the number 38.

If the number 38 is in the life path position of the chart, it means the events and circumstances as the person lives life are likely to include a necessity to work with others to determine conclusions, solve issues, or reach goals.

If the number 38 is in the heart’s desire position of the chart, it means the person yearns to be part of a group. It may be a particular group or just a strong yearning to be part of any group at all. It desires to be in a position to benefit the group with negotiation and diplomatic skills it wishes it had.

With a number 38 pertaining to something in a person’s environment, interpret the situation as if it included relationships, diplomacy, or creative expression.

See the article About Numerology Number Meanings for an introduction to the essence of the energies numbers represent and deriving meanings for numbers depending on what the number pertains to or is associated with.

The Basic or Core Essence of 38

The deep down basic essence of the numerology number 38 is co-existence and relationships. Other meanings of the number 38 must take that vibration into account.

Number 3 Meaning

Number 8 Meaning

38 has many different aspects imbued within its essence. But the overriding one is relationships, in whatever form they may be.

The number 38 is lonely when it’s by itself. It’s essence requires co-existence and relationships with those it co-exists with. Being alone is nowhere in the 38 essence, which is why it feels lost whenever it finds itself separated from others.

38 tends to be efficient, and is likely to be balanced and a realist.

Its happiness rests on relationships with others. Common goals, creative expression, smooth relationship dynamics, friendships, and feelings of closeness are all important to 38.

Imagine coexisting with others in relationships from project teamwork to companionship to romance, with intuition, creative expression, and diplomacy.

That’s 38

Angel 38


If you see the number 38 everywhere you look, there’s no need to worry. That is a message from the angels and Ascended Masters, reminding you of their support and guidance in your current life circumstances.

The angels often use such signs to avert our attention and convey to us certain important messages. You only need to be attentive and watch for their signs. They can be quite explicit at times.

The angels are very persistent when there’s something they want to share with us.

In this text, we will give you some details about the angel number 38 and its meaning.

Number 38 – What Does It Mean?

The number 38 is a combination of the vibrational essence of the numbers 3 and 8.

The number 3 signifies communication, creativity, inspiration, self – expression, expansion, growth, increase, encouragement and spontaneity. It is also a number of manifesting desires into reality.

The number 3 is also the number of the Ascended Masters, indicating their help and assistance in your life.

The number 8 signifies manifestation of wealth and abundance, dependability, confidence, truth, inner wisdom and relying upon your own abilities to achieve success. The number 8 is also the number which symbolizes the laws of Karma.

The combination of these two numbers makes the number 38 a number which signifies joy and optimism, courage, finding creative ways to materialize abundance, reality, etc.

The essence of the number 38 in numerology are different kind of relationships, such as romantic ones, business partnerships, teamwork, cooperation, diplomacy, etc.

Number 38 people have a talent for dealing with people in a caring and creative way. They are born team-workers. They need interaction with other people to fully enjoy their lives. They are usually optimistic and have a gift of inspiring others to action.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The angel number 38 is a sign from the angels and the Ascended Masters that you are on the right path to accomplish your desires and abundance.

With the number 38 they are encouraging you to be in tune with your inner guidance and listen to your intuition about the steps you need to take along the way.

The angels are ensuring you of your future success and reminding you to appreciate your blessings and share them with others.

This number in your life is a proof that, your positive thoughts and affirmations have brought you on the verge of manifesting abundance and everything you desire in your life.

You only need to be patient and maintain such attitude.

Love and Angel Number 38

People who resonate with the angel number 38 prefer partnerships of any kind. They can’t stand loneliness. They are very sociable and cannot be long without a relationship.

In love, people number 38, ask for stable emotions.

They don’t enjoy rocky rides and prefer partners which are fateful, practical, organized and loyal.

These people are often romantically involved with someone from their work, or they share a business with their partner.

Mixing business and pleasure and the tension built up between the partners can sometimes be a danger for their relationship and even jeopardize it.

Numerology Facts About Number 38

When the number 38 is reduced to a single digit we get the number 2. That is why, this number resonates with the energy and vibrations of the numbers 2, 3 and 8. The single digit always has a stronger capacity.

The number 2 signifies teamwork, diplomacy and relationships.

The number 3 signifies creativity, expression, tolerance and inspiration.

The number 8 signifies efficiency, realism and business.

Combined, these three numbers create the energy of the number 38, which signifies relationships, coexistence, diplomacy, companionship, spirituality, charisma, tolerance.

The number 38 signifies relationships, co-existence, diplomacy, efficiency, creative self – expression and optimism.

These people are balanced and realistic. They have a need of doing things together with someone in all areas of their life.

With the number 38 as your life path number you will probably often be in situations to work with other people on resolving issues or reaching common goals together.

If the number 38 is your destiny number, you probably have an inborn desire of being a part of some group.

Seeing Angel Number 38

If the number 38 suddenly started appearing everywhere you look, that is a very good sign. That means that you will soon receive financial rewards for your efforts and hard work.

This number is truly a blessing to see and you should be very thankful for that.

The angels are saying you are on the right path. You are making the right moves to achieve your goals.

This angel number reminds you to stop your money worries and concerns. The financial reward is coming soon. You might receive a bonus, a salary raise, or a promotion.

You can suddenly receive an inheritance from someone. Know that your prayers will soon be answered.

The angels are encouraging you to seize every opportunity which comes your way, to fulfill your dreams. Some chances come once in a lifetime, so be attentive and make sure you use them.

By working diligently and focusing on our goals, we create some opportunities ourselves.

If you keep your focus on your goals and maintain a positive attitude towards the outcome of your efforts, you are destined to succeed. You can always call on your angels when you have doubts or lack confidence.

They are always around, waiting for your calls.

The angel number 38 is a symbol of hope, abundance and happiness.

It is a call to get rid of all negativity from your life. It also reminds you never to lose hope, regardless of the circumstances. The angels are ensuring you that your desires will come to fruition soon.

Don’t allow yourself feelings of misery and despair. Things can change in an instant if you change your mindset.

Imagine the outcomes you desire not the ones you are afraid of.

The angels are there to guide you and give you advice, should you need them. Be attentive and look for signs from the Universe.

Never forget that the core meaning of the number 38 is abundance. This number announces its coming into your life. When you see this number, think if there’s something you should change about your life.

You need to embrace change if you want prosperity to come into your life. This number can often be an announcement of necessary changes in your life.

Ask for help from the angels if you have problems in determining the things that need to change.

They will be more than willing to help you.



I will put you in front

In front of my melody

You’re all that matters

I’ll make room for two

You and I Jesus

You’re all that matters

What would I live for

If I don’t have you in my life?

What would I gain

If you take the holy ghost?

What would have become of me

If I didn’t see your light?

What would have been said of me

If you didn’t hold my hands?

Now I’ve come to realise

That you are all I have

You’re all that matters

Is it the cars or is it the house?

I’ll give them all to you

Is it the name or is it the fame

I’m nothing without you

What would have become of me

If I didn’t see your light

What would have been said of me

If you didn’t hold my hands?

Now I’ve come to realize

That you are all I have

You’re all that matters

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