Many times I have counselled people who tell their spouse, “What have you contributed to this home?” and usually what they mean is materially and financially. But there are many things a spouse can do that don’t have a price tag such as…

1. Staying faithful. You cannot buy fidelity

2. Great conversations. Don’t take it for granted to have someone to talk to for life

3. Love making. You can pay for sex from prostitutes, but intimacy is priceless

4. Parenting. No money can ever pay the role of a parent

5. Management of the home. To have a home running full of warmth for life is far greater than a career

6. Prayers. To have someone going to the spiritual realm out of love to pray for you is of great value

7. Dependability. To have someone who you don’t pay yet freely stands by you and the family cannot equate to any riches. Many wealthy people have died without knowing true love

So before you belittle your spouse because he/she doesn’t contribute financially to the family or doesn’t earn as much as you, kindly remember all those things your spouse does freely that money can never buy.

Instead of making your spouse feel worthless, find a way of appreciating your spouse as you encourage him/her to either make more money, pursue their dream or earn more. It’s not always about money