If you don’t use sex as a weapon to punish your husband and teach him a lesson; your husband will learn to build intimacy with you.

If you complain less and appreciate your husband more; he will enjoy your company and spend time with you more.

If you do not overreact about issues; your husband will confide in you more.

If you learn to tell your husband what is bothering you as opposed to keeping quiet and being moody; he will be able to solve issues with you.

If you learn to trust your husband without accusing him falsely, he will share with you about his female friends and colleagues.

If your demeanor is peaceful and not combative; your husband will look forward to coming home to you.

If you respond positively to your husband’s flirts; he will enjoy being naughty with you.

If you care about his well-being and how his day has been as much as you want him to ask you “How was your day?”; he will not feel alone.

If you don’t keep a record of wrongs, reminding him of what he did in the past; your husband will be motivated to invest more in a future with you.

If you don’t praise another man more than your husband in his presence be it your pastor, colleague or celebrity; he will not feel insecure.

If you are confident about your body and beauty; your husband will find you extremely sexy.

If you don’t tell him things like “You are not man enough”, “You are a failure”; he will not feel attacked.

If you thank him for the little he has done; he will do more for you.

If you don’t equate his value as a man to the money he has or doesn’t have; he will be real with you and see a life partner who notices all of him in you.

Your behaviour either inspires your man to do more with you and for you, or discourages him. Don’t discourage him then lament when he pulls away.