DEAR Singles,

I know you are willing, Waiting and ready to hear his Audible voice in your Ear, just for him to mention his/her name to you.

You had prayed and fasted just for his/her face to appear to you in your dream or in a vision.

The only thing you are waiting for now is an approval, so you can go in the power of your might💪

I know you had wanted to start that Relationship, but have you given it a serious thought on how to discern God’s Will In the choice of a Partner?

Marriage is good and it’s God divine and arrangement for companionship, pleasure, togetherness, purpose, procreation and so on….

But it can as well be a Place of Hell if you choose and manage it Wrongly.

Discerning who God has for your life is not limited to seeing vision, hearing voices, and Dreaming Dreams alone.

There are some factors I will want us to look into together.

Are you still here with me😊

Oya‼️let’s check it out……..

🌐 COMMITMENT TO GOD AND HIS PURPOSE : Prov 19: 14 says; House and Riches are the Inheritance of fathers and a prudent wife is from the Lord.

 See‼️dear Single, don’t just seek God because of what you wanted to receive from him, but seek him because you love him and you want to know him.

The moment you are committed to the things of God and you are doing his Will, it won’t be difficult to get the best gift from him and that includes WHO TO MARRY.

🌐 HE/SHE MUST COME FROM YOUR TRIBE: Eh dear ‼️ I am not talking about your Native tribe.

I am talking about the tribe of God, same believed in God, same conviction.

Don’t marry outside your tribe

Gen 24:3-4, 2cor 6:14

🌐 GODLY AND GOODLY CHARACTER : Prov 12 vs 2,4 Says; A good man obtaineth favour of the Lord, but a Man of wicked devices will be condemn.

VS 4 A virtuous Woman is a crown to her husband.

You can marry him handsome or marry her beautiful but if the character is bad, you are already in a mess.

Beauty is vain, go for a man/woman with a Godly and goodly character, it’s so important.

🌐 FEAR OF GOD: PROV 9:10, The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy is understanding.

A man/woman that fears God will love you and be submissive to you.

In him /her you can find integrity, Honesty, Disciplined, edifying words.

She will do you good all the rest of your life

Marry in the fear of the Lord, cos you will need wisdom as well to run your Home.

🌐 SEEK AND EXPECT IT: It is so difficult to find if you don’t seek, you want God’s will for your Life?

When you seek God’s face concerning the right person for your life, you will find.

And the next thing is to  move in the obedience of his word.

🌐 THROUGH GOD’S WORD: your knowledge of  God’s word will give you an edge of what his intention for your life is, and that includes who to marry.

The more you expose yourself to his word, the more you become clear about his plan for your life is.

🌐 Become the person you are searching for.

What I mean by this is, become the right person yourself.

Work on your personality trait.

You tend to meet your kind of person, if you are searching for the right partner, make yourself available as the right person.

🌐 PURPOSE ALIGNMENT: You don’t have business with someone you are opposite to each other in terms of purpose.

You can’t be going in A direction and your partner is going towards B direction, it sure contradicts each other.

Marry someone you both have the same purpose values, religious values.

Everything that speaks about your relationship should be purpose driven, so you both can get to  your destination.

Amos 3:3 says; can two walk together except they Agree?

If you both don’t agree on salient issues, please don’t go ahead.

🌐 Genuine Love: this is not just a catchy feeling but Love that resonates from the depth of the heart.

An unexplainable, love without any reservation can also be a pointer towards knowing the right person.

I will stop here for now, then continue in the next series of discerning God’s will in the choice of a Partner.

De Edifier