1 Kings 19:19-21


  • He got a divine visitor. The almighty God sent him a visitor.

In exodus 3:1-5

Moses saw a visitor. God visited him.

In Judges 6:11-13

Gideon was hiding from the enemy, He got a visitor.


 In 1 sam 16:11-13

David was in the bush but the almighty God visited him.

According to Acts 10:34 (God is not a respecter of persons)


Oh God – in your miraculous way send me a divine visitor.

  • Elisha also got a divine touch.

In 1 kings 18:36-39 (Fire)

    2 kings 1:9-12 (Fire)

 Deut 34:9 (Moses laid hand on Joshua)

Mark 10:46-52 (Blind Bathemeaws).


  • He got a closed door. A wrong destiny was closed and a divine destiny was opened.

Moses’ door was closed.

In Luke 5

Peter’s door was closed (as a fisher man).


Father – open new doors unto me any door that needs to be closed, close them.

  • He got God’s purpose for his life. (He began a journey of destiny)

In Jere 1:4-5 (You are not an accident )

In Jere 29:11 (I know the thoughts I think towards you)


Father – Let me begin my journey into my destiny.

  • Elisha had a change of level.

Joshua 5:2-9 ( Circumcision)

2 kings 4:1-7 (Pot of oil)

Exodus 12:30-36 (They got favour before Egyptians)


Father – change my level this year.

2 king 4

  • Prince of peace

The fact that you Love God does not mean you will not have challenges.

If anybody tells you that when you become born again you will not have problems that person is lying.

The difference is that when the problems come the Prince of Peace will be there.

Psalm 34:19 (Many are the afflictions)

John 16:33 (I have overcome the world)

Isa 43:2

He said;

When you pass through the (Fire)

Not if you pass through the (Fire)

In Mark 4:35-41 (Peace be still)

When you say all will be well, you are telling the devil try your best (THE PRINCE OF PEACE)

  • There is a restorer; Physical, Spiritual, Material and numerical.

In John 10:10 (More abundantly)

The thief came to this woman, and stole what she had (her evidence).

But the restorer was there watching.

  • Her attitude.
  • Her reaction.
  • Her intent (soul).

Jame 4:7 (Submit yourselves)

Therefore unto God, Resist the devil and he will flee from you

This woman did something very interesting. She said the baby on the bed that she made for the man of God (The son was her evidence).

(3) God is a creditor (Withdraw)

        In Psalm 20:1-3

Acts 9:36-42

You can have a credit with God.

(4) Watch your mouth.

       All will be well.

She graduated to all is well.

Prov 18:21

Death and life are in the power of the tongue.

Num 14:28

Mark 11:23-24