1. Your biggest client calls you but you missed their phone call, you quickly return the call. But when you see a missed call from your spouse, you do not even bother

2. You get a new boss at work, you go out of your way to make a good impression by buying that new boss a gift. But when was the last time you even bothered to make a good impression on your spouse?

3. You take a selfie with the President, a celebrity, you are quick to post it on social media. But you cannot even post a photo to celebrate your spouse, you don’t want to be associated with your spouse

4. You cheer on other children who do great things on TV and in the community. But you have little kind words for the children you have with your spouse

5. When you win an award in your profession, you are full of gratitude. But when your spouse compliments you, you say no “Thank you”, you rubbish the praises from your spouse

6. When you are talking with your pastor, you display a peaceful and warm demeanor. But when you talk with your spouse your countenance is unwelcoming

7. When you see other people well dressed, you compliment them, even strangers; whether with your eyes or words. But when your spouse makes effort to look good, you give no attention

8. When you are having a meeting with a client, you meet the client in a luxurious restaurant. But you can’t even take your spouse out on a date

9. When you’re out with your friends, you talk so highly about a politician, a footballer, an actor or actress, a musician who doesn’t even know you. But you have no warm words to say about the spouse who has been with you through thick and thin

10. When a public figure asks to meet you, you stop everything you are doing and make it for the meeting on time. But your spouse has to beg you for your audience

11. When your opinion is asked at work, you willingly give it. But when your spouse asks for your advice, you disengage letting your spouse walk alone

12. When your friends ask for money, when you’re making public contributions, you give willingly and put up a show; you even buy alcohol for others. But when your spouse asks for money or your children ask for something, you are mean, making excuses why you can’t give, declining the request, asking what is the justification for the request

13. At work, you are a team player because you seek the growth of the company. But in your marriage, you do not exhibit teamwork, you don’t build your love

14. When you write official emails you are courteous, using the words please, yours faithfully and hoping you are well. But when texting or talking with your spouse you are cold, making orders and speaking in a demeaning tone


Why do we choose to be mean to the one person we claim to love, we married, we live with, we have vowed to? The one person who gives us his/her all daily.

It is time to set our priorities straight, time to treat our spouse as special