1. Don’t wait until your spouse is sick, for you to serve him/her

2. Don’t wait until your wife is pregnant, for you to help her in the home

3. Don’t wait until your husband is rich, for you to appreciate his contribution

4. Don’t wait until you are caught, for you to stop having an affair

5. Don’t wait until your spouse serves you divorce papers, for you to start fighting for your marriage

6. Don’t wait for your to lose your spouse, for you to start valuing your spouse

7. Don’t wait for others to praise your spouse, for you to notice how amazing your spouse is

8. Don’t wait to have an accident, for you to start listening to your spouse’s warning about driving while drunk

9. Don’t wait until you get into a huge mess, for you to finally seek for advice and help from your spouse

10. Don’t wait for your parents and spouse’s parents to sit you down and lecture you, for you to start taking your marriage seriously

11. Don’t wait until someone else starts to give your spouse attention, for you to start treating your spouse special

12. Don’t wait for the pastor to preach hundreds of sermons of rebuke, for you to love your spouse right

13. Don’t wait until your children move out as adults, for you to remember your spouse

14. Don’t wait until the people you are having an affair with dump you, for you to go back to your spouse

15. Don’t wait for your spouse to die, for you to wish he/she was still alive for you to love better

16. Don’t wait till it’s too late, to be the best spouse

Choose to love from your personal and internal conviction, not due to external pressure