“I have been crucified with Christ and I myself no longer live, but Christ lives in me………” – Galatians 2:20a (TLB)

Good Morning! I believed you had a glorious night rest. Praise God for another blessed day. Hallelujah!

Gen. 17:1, Despite the fact that Abram began to act in a way God doesn’t want by firstly telling lies and later he consented to Sarai’s advice by sleeping with Hagar, God still loves him and spoke to him this “walk before me and be thou perfect.”

Walking with God is a possibility. No matter has far you have gone astray or you fill God cannot save you, I want to let you know, he still loves you and wants you to walk with him. This is God’s interest were you are. He has a very lovely plan for your life.


If it was not possible to be perfect, God wouldn’t have instructed us to live like that. The living bible puts it this way “OBEY ME AND LIVE AS YOU SHOULD”.

God is so interested in us WALKING WITH HIM than working for Him. I don’t mean working for God is not good or not also important but he places more priority on the former. Read Gen. 5:22-24.

Walking with him not after him. Just with him is so crucial in these last days. It means you trying to understand God, what he demands from you and how he wants you to do things.

I read in the bible that Daniel was a man that there was no fault found in him and I shouted God this is a man like me.

God is saying to us, let us come back to pursuit reality and not be distracted with earthly things too much. Our major challenge is that we are too concerned to take care of our body than our spirit.

God will put in your inside an insatiable hunger for walking with him in Jesus name.

Receive grace to become an ADDICTED WALKER with God in Jesus name