1. A true friend will not flirt with your spouse. True friends respect boundaries

2. A true friend will not encourage you to have an affair. True friends remind you to make your relationship/marriage work by being faithful

3. A true friend will not keep insisting that you spend time with them at the expense of your family. True friends understand when you turn them down in order to spend time at home; they will tell you “Go home, you are needed there”

4. A true friend will not bring a stripper to celebrate with you the night before your wedding. True friends don’t lead you into temptation

5. A true friend doesn’t let you drink and drive. They encourage you to be careful

6. A true friend will not talk badly about your spouse. True friends remind you how good your spouse is and remind you to be honest and rational

7. A true friend doesn’t mock you saying you are being too soft with your wife when you tell them you will have to confirm things with her. Man, true friends will never come in between you and your wife

8. A true friend will not encourage you to cheat on your spouse in revenge when your spouse cheats on you. True friends help you deal with your anger and prevent you from making regrettable choices

9. A true friend doesn’t destroy your home. True friends support you in making your love strong

10. A true friend doesn’t catch your spouse cheating and fails to inform you saying it’s none of their business. True friends look out for you, they tell you when you need to protect yourself

11. A true friend will not see your relationship/marriage fail and rejoice. True friends want you to be happy, they hurt when you’re hurting

12. A true friend will not see you being beaten up and destroyed by your partner/spouse and abandon you looking the other way. True friends are concerned about your black eye, they come to your rescue, helping you find a solution; even if it means breaking up with your partner/spouse because your life is in danger

13. A true friend will not leave you when you are nursing a break-up. True friends wipe your tears, they encourage you and tell you it will be OK

14. A true friend doesn’t see you walking into fire and ignore you. True friends confront you, they tell you when you are wrong, they save you from yourself

©️Akello Oliech and Dayan Masinde Dayan Masinde

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