1: A strong woman walks away when her presence is not valued, she will not beg for love, she will go on with her life independently.

2: A good woman is hard to find, easy to lose and very difficult to replace.

3: I don’t know how old you are but you need to grow up in order to understand that a relationship without money doesn’t go anywhere.

4: To avoid losing friends, do not sell them things on credit. Once you remind them about the payment, they stop talking to you.

5: Never Judge A Divorcee Until You Listen To His/Her Marital Story. Many Of Them Tried Their Best To Save Their Marriage!

6: Some people are very angry at you because you are not suffering the way they expected you to. May God keep on disappointing them.

7: Being wanted by many men is nothing compared to being valued by one man.

8: Invest in your Wife and Kids because when things go down financially, Only your wife will feed you.

Sidechicks will Abandon You

9: Dear ladies, Don’t miss your king by spending your years and your tears trying to force a boy to be your man

10Marriage is not a competition, we all have our time and seasons. God’s timing is more important than people’s opinion.

11: Not all who checked on you are concerned, some just want to know if you suffering the way they expected.

12: Don’t you dare give up until you disappoint those who think you are a nobody,God is changing your story.

13: Don’t become impotent after marriage. Lack of money can deflate erection; settle your finance before you get married. Sex is best enjoyed when all bills have been paid.

14: Those who easily complain of illtrearment in a relationship can’t actually keep a relationship or have much to contribute to the development of the Relationship.