What we can learn from David and Absalom

Some of the tales withinside the Old Testament are so sensible and packed with knowledge this is so applicable, even in our cutting-edge era. My notion is if we ask God to show himself withinside the tales, we’ll see lots extra withinside the tales. Though we may also lean in the direction of deconstruction, I wish we cease with software.

The tale of Absalom and David is fascinating. I won’t cross into all of the details, however you could study them in 2 Samuel thirteen to 18 if you’d like. Here’s the gist. Absalom is one in every of David’s sons. Absalom is banished after he kills his half-sister’s rapist, Amnon. Joab satisfied David to welcome his disappointed son returned into Jerusalem, with a story from a smart lady. The lady said, “Like water spilled at the ground, which can’t be recovered, so we should die. But that isn’t always what God desires; rather, he devises approaches in order that a banished man or woman does now no longer stay banished from him.” Yes, that’s what God wants! That’s what occurred to David! God restores the banished. That’s precisely what Jesus did.

Absalom doesn’t take his invitation as enough. He longs for extra. Absalom is thought for being an picture extra than a man or woman. He offers with the outside and the fleeting, and now no longer the internal. One of the statistics the Bible lists approximately him is the truth that his hair weighs 5 pounds. He’s a brilliant baby-kisser and he charismatically wins the prefer of the people, and leads a revolt in opposition to his father. David outwits Absalom and aleven though he desires to maintain his lifestyles, Joab kills him.

There is plenty extra to the tale, however I need to get to a number of the software that I discovered.

Learn to figure who’s worth of your believe. This tale is packed with betrayal. Absalom appears to believe all of us who will ingratiate themselves to him. He believes the clever Ahithophel, who encourages him to have intercourse with all of David’s concubines to illustrate his conquest. Of course, this is the final factor Absalom have to do as it will reason a everlasting fissure Absalom and his father, David. Ahithophel, considering he’s a traitor, desires to make certain the daddy and son combination in no way get collectively to show on him (and whilst it’s far clean that Absalom’s defeat is imminent, Ahithophel kills himself).

Wait, not anything is instant. Absalom’s essential trouble is that he couldn’t look forward to the throne. His inheritance from his father became coming. But as he ventured out of his 2d act, he couldn’t look forward to it. He desired his glory so terrible, he took 20,000 different guys down with him. May we examine that not anything comes immediately, specially maturity. Evolution has taught us that the whole thing is getting higher and smarter, so we’re taken aback that we’re thirty 3 and nonetheless strolling into that equal trouble. We can’t even be given it and continue as though we had matured, or have a proper to be taken into consideration mature, despite the fact that we long past thru the process. We get angry approximately having to undergo a process! Things take time. Maturity takes time. Your marriage won’t be constant overnight. You’re two-year-vintage won’t grow to be rational in a day. You won’t repay your debt in a 2d. Things take time. Move with them.

Learn from your disasters and weakness. As King David became escaping from Jerusalem, a person from the equal extended family as Saul’s own circle of relatives got here out and cursed him.  Shimei pelted David and all of the king’s officers with stones, aleven though all of the troops and the unique protect have been all round them. He screamed, “Get out, get out, you murderer! The Lord has repaid you for all of the blood you shed withinside the family of Saul, in whose location you’ve got got reigned. The Lord has given the dominion into the arms of your son Absalom. You have come to damage due to the fact you’re a murderer!”

One of the guards requested to move over and reduce off his head. But David said, “What does this need to do with you? He has a point. My son, my very own flesh and blood, is attempting to kill me. How plenty extra this relative of Saul! Leave him alone; allow him curse.  It can be that the Lord will appearance upon my distress and repair to me his covenant blessing in preference to his curse today.”

That’s in which we are hoping to get after we’ve taken our 2d probabilities and gotten out of the primary act of our lives. We discover ways to be given our disasters and weaknesses and concentrate to the instructions they educate us. We get hold of the good and the terrible and search for how God is past them or even in them. The doddering vintage guy has discovered to believe God

Live for love, now no longer yourself. Finally, the 2 armies do battle. David’s guys dominate. Afterward, Absalom is using his donkey and meets a number of David’s guys. While he is attempting to escape, his terrific hair receives stuck in a tree department and he’s left putting through it because the donkey presses on. An wonderful irony. No one will kill him, considering David had instructed them to be mild together along with his son. But Joab arrives and places 3 spears in his heart.

Messengers compete with every different to convey the King information that his enemy has been defeated. But whilst David hears the information, he isn’t always delighted. He is heartbroken. The king became shaken. He went as much as the room over the gateway and wept. As he went, he said: “O my son Absalom! My son, my son Absalom! If handiest I had died in preference to you—O Absalom, my son, my son!” May all of us examine the instructions of self-giving love. David has a lifestyles that isn’t pretty much his very own success. He can’t assist loving. Vengeance will now no longer satisfy, handiest love that restores, that makes manner for the banished to be reunited.

If I have been pushed out of my consolation zone, have I received any non secular sources to use? Am I misplaced in greedy after what I can see, or do I actually have any deeper imaginative and prescient to look what’s maximum vital withinside the center of what’s urgent? The 2d and 1/3 acts of lifestyles are all approximately answering the ones questions, I think. If my beyond comes as much as chunk me. If I am now no longer king, I lose my job. If my own circle of relatives falls apart. If my infant dies. Who am I? Absalom did now no longer realize who he have to be. But his father, in all his faults, knew who he became with God.