1. Sometimes, God sends us pain so we could be strong
  2. God sends us failure so we will become humble
  3. God sends us illness so we will take of ourselves
  4. God takes everything away from us so we learn the value of everything

This morning I have the good news and the bad news..actually your perception of today’s message shall dictate the outcome…Well, it ’s always great when God replaces something painful with something wonderful, when He turns water into wine, when he makes a way through the wilderness, when everything that you want in that season seems to work out…In short, when WE ARE “USING GOD!” But when God takes away something we enjoy or even something we need, when He allows something bad to invade your something good, when he wants to reproach us, when God wants to save you from yourself, when God wants to glorify himself through our lives, when God needs your pain to be someone else’s gain…In short, when ”GOD WANTS TO USE US!” we instantly turn to angry, spoilt mode, we all over sudden see God like a deadbeat dad who is busy giving free samples of sweets of life and then removing them after the cravings have their hooks in your heart…Many of us have become addicts, addicts of the fruits of grace BUT not the GIVER of grace…Our love for the blessings only came to reveal how addicted to blessings we have become…Even in my greatest test of pain and doubt especially when I want to USE GOD but nothing’s happening, I am learning to believe with all my heart that He is the Giver of all gifts and sovereign in all things, in all seasons, at all times whether I understand it or not…I am also learning that you can’t live your next chapter if you keep on reading the last…So, I am learning to live for the new wine looking ahead, seeing God glorified in my pain & my discomfort, seeing God blessing the work of my hands, seeing the stalled buildings in my life spring back towards completion, learning while this happens that there is a huge difference between waiting on God’s blessings and waiting on God..and that many times waiting on God will mean things that break God’s heart, break mine too…it also means that God can break my heart to save my soul & when God takes something away, sometimes I don’t have to know why!


I read a quote that goes like this: ‘Sometimes God breaks your heart to save your soul.’ Whether you’re religious or not, I think these words are pretty powerful. They imply that everything happens for a good reason; a higher purpose. Even the relationships we were rooting for, that failed, will appear to be blessings in disguise as we move along our journey.

The idea of God was introduced to me very early on in life. I was always told to pray when in trouble because God had my back. But, what never made sense to me was why we suffer in the first place or why when I pray, I have not answered right away. Why would an unconditionally loving higher energy want me to go through what I did?

Growing up, I looked over every religion and every spiritual or esoteric idea to find answers. The purpose of this post isn’t to go over all my views. However, it became clear to me that we always want our situation to be fixed, without realizing that we’re given the situation so we can be fixed.

Metaphorically, we’re all a little broken inside; through our sense of perception. Put it this way, if you emanated unconditional love from your being, all the time, your life would be perfectly imperfect. Happiness, success and everything else would find you. You would see no flaws, even if they existed to others, because your love for everything and everyone, would be present without condition. You would love and act like how most of our world religions portray the Divine.

The reason why we find it hard to be like this is that we are wounded from everything we face – and our wounds are making us wound others. These actions then create more of the same and give the cycle continuity. The only way to escape this is to act from a place of love, when that which seeks to wound you, arrives. It’s almost like each challenging situation is a test to support your growth. The only way to pass it is to act from a higher state of awareness. This is what it means to evolve.

Life can be painful, but our experiences can shape us into better people. In the loss, failure, and suffering, there is always an opportunity to find your greatest self.


There it was glaring out from the computer screen.  The words I never thought I would see.  I had been so confident in how God had directed me.  For a moment I could not breathe.  “We regret to inform you that…” I couldn’t read the rest of the email. The tears suddenly gushing down my face had obscured my vision. The email shattered my dreams. My heart, that desired so badly to serve God in this particular way, crumbled into pieces.

I could not understand how this had happened. I prayed so hard.  I prayed all of the right things “… God, Your will be done. God, give me a desire for the choice you want me to make, and take away all desires for the other options. God, confirm this if it is your will. God, shut the doors that I do not need to enter. God, I want this badly, but I want you more … ” He took away my desires for every option but one.  He confirmed over and over again that this was what He had for me.  He closed every door and window except for this one.

And then he closed this one.

What do you do when God breaks your heart?

The pain was so great that I couldn’t bear it alone. Somehow I found myself driving, brushing away tears as they clung to the edge of my sunglasses.  Swallowing sobs, I tried to concentrate on driving, but my only thought was, “Oh God, what now?”

I ended up at the home of a lifelong friend.  “Why,” I asked angrily, “Does God tell you something and then all of a sudden change his mind?”

“God is truth.”  She said, opening her Bible.  “Everything God tells you is truth.  Remember, He sees things different than you do.‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the LORD.’” (Isaiah 55:8)

Why does God break our heart?

1. Because our hearts lead us astray.

I am a planner,  a card-carrying member of the list-bound masses. We are very goal oriented…. It is how we make it through the day. So when God gives us a future goal, we work toward that point as if our life depended on it (because we think it does). And somewhere along the way, the goal can become our god. And God becomes an afterthought that we occasionally ask to bless our efforts. And just like that, our hearts have led us astray.“The heart is deceitful…who can understand it?” (Jeremiah 17:9)

2. Because God is a jealous God.

Often, the goal becomes our God.We make it into an idol and organize our life in worship to it. Whether it is a relationship, career path, academic degree, status symbol, or to-do list we are determined to complete, when that goal becomes the ruling authority in our lives, it is an idol. And God is a jealous God. He wants to be number one in our hearts and lives. Because He is God – that is His right. That goal or list may be your security blanket, but it is powerless to save you from the sentence of your own sin. “You shall have no other gods before me…for I the Lord your God am a jealous God.” (Exodus 20:3-5)

3. Because God loves us.

In breaking our hearts, God is rescuing us from ourselves. God breaks our hearts, not to hurt us or because He enjoys our pain – no! God breaks our hearts when we have become so focused on some goal, rather than on Him. He breaks our heart because it is the only way He can save us from ourselves. He breaks our heart because it is the only way to remove a dream that is not His best for His daughter.  “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” (Prov. 16:9)

4. Because God is seeking a relationship.

In my limited human understanding, it seemed like God had lied. Yet Scripture makes it clear that God is incapable of lying and that everything God said is true.

So had I heard wrong? Had I misunderstood God for all these years? No…and Yes.

When I finally stopped crying, I remembered that God had set me on this path, but had not promised the endpoint. In my itty-bitty human mind, taking a path only had one outcome….reaching the goal. But God is not bound by my small-mindedness. He guided me to work toward the goal, but He never promised I would achieve it, I just assumed… “For my thoughts are not your thoughts… declares the Lord.” (Isaiah 55:8Many times God may lead us down a certain path toward an unknown door.  We, of course, are focused solely on the door at the end of the journey.  When we reach the end, we may find that the door is locked.  God did not lie. We may be distracted by the human goal, but God was leading us toward an eternal goal – a closer relationship with Him.

Then how are we supposed to plan?

Does this mean that plans are evil and we cannot make lists?

No. It means we should not structure our lives in worship of the “Almighty List.” It means never setting a goal above God in our hearts. It means we are to make plans in humility, submitting every hope, dream and earthly goal to the Lordship of Christ. We must hold the things of this earth loosely. Our only immovable goal should be God Himself.  (James 4:13-16)

What do you do when God breaks your heart?

When God breaks your heart….hand Him the pieces.

Because He is good and trustworthy and He will always do the best thing.  God is good, and even though my dream was dead, my heart rested securely in the arms of my Savior. Looking back, I see now that God had to break my heart to remove that dream so that He could guide me to a far better dream. God was acting in my best interest, even thought it hurt. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.” (Prov. 3:5-6)