Imagine you are the Boss, a Manager in a good company, then you fall in love with one of the members of staff under you. She is your junior, she reports to you.

It is against the company policy to have romantic relations with someone working in the same company. So you both keep it a secret.

You have to act tough to the woman you love, including writing her a warning letter when she comes late to work from your home so that people don’t suspect you two are a couple.

Eventually you two get found out, what follows is a quick turn of events.

This is the story of Carol and Victor.

He quit and got another job.

I had a warm and humorous conversation with them about how their love story started. Parenthood, love through the years, marriage and why some men struggle to adjust to involving their wives in decision making.

I asked the question about an incident I saw on their YouTube channel (THE VICTOR’S FAMILY, how he was conned in Nairobi. This story with a lot of lessons, had me, my Producer and the Camera men laughing. These two are great story tellers.

We talked about the pressure of facing his wife after losing a lot of money and how they got to handle it.

Their kiss was fire! Passionate! I have never watched a DECODED couple hold each other’s hands all through the show like these two…eh… moto moto couple for sure.