1. Know that anger is a normal human emotion, though normal, you must control it

2. Notice that how your respond when angry is a reflection of who you are inside

3. There is an issue in you that prompted you to be such a hot tempered person, address it. Look deep inside you, did something happen in your past that led you to be so quick to anger?

4. Tell your partner your findings as to when and why you became such an angry person. Help him to understand you and walk with you. The more you feel misunderstood by the person who loves you, the easily angered you will become

5. Pray more, tell God to help you not to be irrational, ask God specifically that you need this daily. Tell God to work on your facial expression, to give you patience and restraint

6. Be aware that we easily turn to anger when

a) things don’t work out as you wish

b) you feel a need to revenge

c) you want to have your way around

d) you are hurting and need healing

e) you have a low self esteem which manifests itself in anger

7. Learn to communicate. Outbursts of anger are signs that you need to communicate better

8. Commit to peace. Does your man calm you or does he push you to the wall. Do you fight and argue alot? If so, talk about this, be open, tell him where he goes wrong

9. Saturate yourself with God’s word and spiritual music, praise and worship more, in the presence of God there is fullness of joy. God will give you peace beyond human understanding

10. Ask for forgiveness from your man and also from anyone you might have wronged in your past. Perhaps you harbor bitterness from a past experience, forgive that person that hurt you in the past

11. Don’t be too hard on yourself, relax. Sometimes the pressure we put on ourselves blows up our anger. Are you ok with you?

12. Hug more, it may sound petty. But when you allow yourself to be more affectionate, it helps deal with anger

13. Walk away or keep quiet when angry. But make sure your man knows you are doing this because you don’t want to do or say something you will regret. If your man is not clear about why you do this, he will misinterpret you