Bible Verses About Marriage

Encouragement for Today

Key verse: “Happy are folks that pay attention the happy name to worship, for they may stroll withinside the mild of Your presence, LORD.” Psalm 89:15 (NLT)

My outdoor is teeming with a wealthy type of birds every day. Every window alongside the returned of our domestic has a view of a feeder, birdhouse or birdbath. I experience looking their behaviors and particularly listening to their huge variety of track.

If I overlook to fill the feeders earlier than they empty, the birds will chatter loudly, soliciting for food. They perch in close by branches ready patiently at the same time as I fill every field with seeds. Then they pass approximately and chirp loudly as though to say, “Thank you”.

God makes use of those tiny creatures to talk volumes to my coronary heart. I am constantly beaten with His innovative measures to get our attention. For example:

My husband and I had simply had an argument; I become at the very breaking point of giving him a bit of my thoughts whilst my eyes had been interested in a Robin sitting withinside the hen tubtub I had simply packed with clean water. I become amazed that she become simply sitting withinside the frigid water, now no longer bathing. At that moment, God spoke to my coronary heart telling me to chill my mood earlier than I placed phrases into the air that couldn’t be retrieved.

My grandfather’s puppy call for me become Catbird. This hen has a stunning track of wealthy musical notes. (Nope, I don’t sing, the hen is likewise regarded for its mischievous antics.) I even have regularly visible and heard the Catbird in my yard, on the college wherein I paintings or even on the seashore at the same time as on vacation. It constantly appears to be serenading simply me.

Captivated through the phrases withinside the Bible approximately birds; I particularly love the verse that explains that God even is aware of whilst one in every of His sparrows falls to the ground. The first-rate a part of this verse says for me now no longer to be afraid due to the fact I am really well worth extra than many sparrows to my Heavenly Father. You are, too.

Our lives are woven with hard challenges. Trouble will truly come to our lives. Disappointment, discouragement, depression, infection or even tragedy invade our lives and knock our ft out from below us. Many instances, we be afflicted by irritability, anxiousness, and depression and we can’t even placed our palms on the precise cause. The Bible likens our hard instances to a hen stuck in a snare.

Have you ever witnessed a hen trapped in a garage? Gently and calmly, you try and direct it to the open door however it frantically beats its wings and regularly is going withinside the contrary course of freedom.

Just just like the trapped hen, whilst confronted with trials and challenges, we regularly panic. Instead of jogging to the One who guarantees to loose us from the fowler’s internet, we run withinside the contrary course.

In 1905, a lady through the call of Civilla Martin wrote the phrases to a track entitled; “His Eye is On the Sparrow” (Charles Gabriel wrote the music). Civilla become stimulated to write down this track due to the happy spirit of a married couple she knew. You see, the lady become restrained to a wheelchair and her husband become critically crippled himself. Yet they joyously cherished and served the Lord. When Civilla requested the lady for the name of the game of her joyous spirit, she replied, “His eye is at the sparrow”.

“Why ought to I experience discouraged, why ought to the shadows come, Why ought to my coronary heart be lonely and lengthy for heaven and domestic, When Jesus is my portion? My regular buddy is He. His eye is at the sparrow and I understand He watches me.

I sing due to the fact I’m satisfied,

I sing due to the fact I’m loose,

For His eye is at the sparrow

And I understand He watches me.

Let now no longer your coronary heart be troubled, His soft phrases I pay attention. And resting on His goodness, I lose my doubts and fears, Though through the direction He leadeth, however one step I can also additionally see, His eye is at the sparrow and I understand He watches me.”

I puzzled if there has been whatever unique approximately the sparrow because it become specially referred to in scripture. I determined to appearance it up in my “hen book”. Oh yes, there’s some thing unique approximately the sparrow. Do you understand how it defends its territory? By making a song!

Oh, satisfied are folks that pay attention the happy name to worship, for they may stroll withinside the mild of your presence, LORD. Jesus stated we’d have hassle, however He additionally stated to be of desirable cheer for He has triumph over the world. Facing hassle today? Lift your eyes and your voice and sing His praises for He cares for you. Bask withinside the mild of His presence.

My prayer for today: Oh Lord, forgive me for accusing You of forsaking me. I thanks on your watchful care over me even if I don’t apprehend what’s going on or going to happen. Please make me evermore privy to Your superb presence in my each day life. Increase my paying attention to pay attention Your happy name to worship for I lengthy to stroll withinside the mild of Your presence. Amen

Application steps: Purpose to your coronary heart to examine and pray via the Book of Psalms through analyzing one psalm a day. Record your mind and prayers in a journal.

Reflection points: Reflect on God’s call, El Roi, “The God who sees me”. Read Matthew 10:29-31 and do not forget your splendid really well worth to God. He sees you and He cares for you.

Power verses:

Ecclesiastes 9:12 “People can by no means expect whilst difficult instances would possibly come. Like fish in a internet or birds in a snare, human beings are regularly stuck through unexpected tragedy.”

(NLT) Psalm 91:34 “Surely He shall supply you from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence. He shall cowl you with His feathers, and below His Wings you shall take refuge; His fact will be your protect and buckler.”

(NKJV) Psalm 120:1 “I took my issues to the LORD; I cried out to Him, and He responded my prayer.”

(NKJV) Psalm 124:78 “We escaped like a hen from a hunter’s lure. The lure is broken, and we’re loose! Our assistance is from the LORD, who made the heavens and the earth.”

(NLT) Psalm 85:23 “I lengthy, yes, I faint with longing to go into the courts of the LORD. With my complete being, frame and soul, I will shout joyfully to the dwelling God. Even the sparrow unearths a domestic there, and the swallow builds her nest and increases her younger at an area close to your altar, O LORD Almighty, my King and my God! How satisfied are folks that can stay in your private home constantly making a song your praises.”

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