1. No one else should flirt with your spouse; so flirt with him/her in the most seductive and creative of ways

2. No one else should touch your spouse intimately; so touch him/her like you know what you have is special and you are proud of it

3. No one else knows your spouse’s secrets like you do; so hold your spouse safely, protecting valuable information

4. No one else knows your spouse better than you; so use that information to love him/her better

5. No one else has unrestricted access to your spouse; so unapologetically spend time with him/her, make plans

6. No one else is ready to please you but your spouse; so make your requests known, make your spouse feel needed

7. No one else you are one with; so be involved in what concerns your spouse, whatever affects him/her affects you too

8. No one else has the green light to kiss or spank your spouse; go on, do it

9. No one else is growing old with you; make fond memories while you both are still alive

10. No one else is meant to make love to your spouse; so give your spouse the most amazing sexual experience

Your spouse shouldn’t be tempted to get from another what only you should be giving. Don’t just be faithful, enjoy faithfulness