“I am off to go watch the football match” he told his wife.

“OK” she said.

“Honey, why don’t you…” She spoke then stopped.

“Why don’t I what?” He asked.

“No. Don’t mind about me. It’s nothing” she said.

“Why don’t I what? Woman. Come on, don’t kill me with suspense. Will you speak it out or not?” He raised his voice.

“Nothing. Just go” she spoke softly sitting on the bed.

He frowned as he sprayed his cologne again.

“It’s just that, I feel you value other people’s opinion than mine” she said.

He turned to face her.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“When was the last time you asked me what I think about a matter? When was the last time you sort permission from me?” She asked.

He smirked and said, “Oh, now you want me to ask for your permission? I am my own man”

“That day we gave our neighbour a lift, didn’t you ask her for permission where best to drop her?” She asked.

“I did” he reluctantly answered.

“When we host guests, don’t you ask them politely whether they want more food or whether the music is too loud? Why does your ego only show up when you’re dealing with me? You are courteous with others but rude with me” she said.


“I once suggested that a pink suit would look good on you, you mocked me. Only for a lady you don’t know to smile at you and thought you’d look good in pink and you bought the suit the next day” she added.


“I suggest you to open a fixed deposit account for your savings, you claim I know nothing. But we socialize with friends, a lady suggests that you try open such an account. You seemed so interested in what she was saying, you ask questions and ask her to introduce you to her bank manager. You give her praise for helping you make a good financial decision” she continued.


“I suggested we get our son an art teacher you said it’s a waste of money. But when your friends told you of an art teacher, you jumped onto the idea” she spoke further.


“What about voting? You said you will never vote again during the general elections. I try to tell you that the future of our children is in your vote, you tell me I am bothering you. But all it took was a friend to come pick you to go and vote, you left me behind and went to vote. You bragged how patriotic you are. Seriously, who am I to you? Does my opinion hold any value? You’d rather listen to others but not me” she lamented.

He moved closer to her and hugged her saying, “Shhh… Say no further. You have made your point”

“All I am asking is that you be courteous to me. Stop looking at me as if I know nothing. You look down upon me yet I am looking out for your best interest and ours. Is that fair? I am on your side” she told him.

He placed his hand on her cheeks and said, “I hear you. I have been unfair. I will give you a chance to speak to me from now on”

“Thank you. And involve me in making decisions. I am your wife. We are in this together” she added.

He hugged her again.

“Thankyou” he said.

“So what was it you wanted to tell me?” He asked.

“I wanted to suggest that instead of going to watch the football game with your friends, that you stay at home instead. Today is our son’s birthday, stay at home and spend time with him” she told him.

“Oh no! Today is his birthday? How could I forget?” He said surprised.

“Don’t worry Darling, it happens, you’re not good with dates; that’s why you have me” she said smiling.

“So, will you stay at home?” she asked rubbing his hand.

“Let me consult my friends and seek their opinion” he said.

“Really!? Your wife offers a suggestion and then you want to seek your friend’s permission about spending time with your son?” She asked shocked.

He kissed her on the cheek and said, “Relax, I was joking. Of course your opinion counts hun”

She pinched his nose saying, “You. You’re so cheeky”

He laid her on the bed and tickled her.

She laughed.

Their eyes met.

Their lips kissed.

“I had missed this free and fun side of you. Of late you’ve been so stuck up” said she.

“I am sorry for making you feel like I have been taking you for granted” he said.

They kissed before they joined their children to celebrate their son’s birthday.

Listen to your spouse, your spouse knows you best.