He hugged her, but the hug was rushed. It’s as if she repelled him.

She looked at him with disgust.

Their sex has been suffering.

He started wondering what is wrong with their marriage. Is there trouble in paradise?

She got up early the next day in a rush.

At night, when they both met each other at home, “We need to talk” she said.

In the bedroom, she requested him to sit on the bed, handed him a shopping bag.

On opening it, he saw bottles of deodorant, soap and expensive cologne.

He looked at her, “Are you trying to tell me something?”

She knelt before him and said, “Honey, I love you, but you stink”

He looked at her shocked, but somehow he couldn’t be mad at her because of the smile she wore on her face.

“Really? I do?” He said as he attempted to sniff his armpits.

She pulled down his arm, “Honey, no! Don’t. Please, I beg you. Start to use colognes and deodorants, make showers your best friend and please stop repeating your socks, your feet smell”

“I thought you were my best friend?” he joked.

She pinched him on his cheek and said, “I am serious. I literally suffer being next to you in bed. You go to work with no cologne then join me in bed with all that sweat. Darling I can’t make love to you will your stench all up in my nose”

“Ouch! You’re not mincing words tonight” he said.

“I have been silent for too long. I can’t even hug my own husband for long, your shirts are full of sweat stains; your feet, let’s not even go there. So I end up wearing a disgusted angry face when I am near you yet all you have to do is just be extra clean” she said.

“How about my breath?” He asked smiling.

“You can do with some brushing of teeth at night. Come to bed with fresh breath. In fact, join me in the shower when I am showering in the evening. Or don’t you like seeing me naked?” She asked.

“I do. I do. I will start doing that” he said.

“Thankyou. I would love to play with your commando when you’re all sweaty” she lamented.

She unzipped him and pulled down his pants saying, “See. You’re wearing the same underwear you wore yesterday. Really hun? Really?”

“OK. OK Darling, I get the message. I will do better in my hygiene. Should I shave the hair around my penis?” He asked.

She peeped inside his underwear, “Please do. Commando can do with some shaving”

“Can I see yours?” He asked.

She stood up and removed her dress, then her panty and placed her sweet nectar right on his face.

“Wow! She looks well taken care of. So clean” he said staring at her there.

“Makes you want to go inside huh? You see I take care of my body for you, I shave my vagina, I shower, I oil my body, I drink lots of water and take lots of fruits so that I have a nice scent there just for you. But you let me down. Step up, please” she begged him as she began to swell and get wet there.

He stretched his tongue to lick her.

She felt the lick on her flesh but pushed his head away.

“No licking until you take a shower. Let’s go shower together. I want to make love to a nice smelling husband” she confidently told him.

He stood up quickly, removed his clothes as he stared at her naked body.

She threw him a towel and together they walked to the shower.

Since then, he’s been a clean husband. Their intimacy suffers no more.

Marriage needs proper hygiene and a nice scent.