1. Marriage makes you selfless, you start to think about another person/people who make up your family

2. Marriage makes you more financially responsible and you look for more ways of making money. You want to give your family the best

3. Marriage changes your fashion. You realize in public you need to represent your union well, in private you need to dress in an appealing way for your spouse

4. Marriage makes you more considerate, you have to involve another person in making decisions. Not just what you want

5. Marriage makes you naked. All those things you hide from the public, your spouse will see; especially the not so pleasant ones. Nakedness allows you to be real and to fix yourself

6. Marriage makes you settle, you find that one person to focus and build with, making you more effective because you invest in it a hundred percent

7. Marriage makes you learn to express yourself, you realize that in order for your spouse to understand you have to communicate. Your spouse doesn’t read minds

8. Marriage makes you grow faster. When you have a spouse who challenges you, you naturally sharpen each other. Iron sharpens iron

9. Marriage brings you rest. There is something about having a home with someone that makes you feel safe and you belong

10. Marriage makes you think about purpose and legacy. You two don’t just want to exist but to leave a mark as a couple

11. Marriage makes you glow. When you are loved right, you naturally shine

12. Marriage helps you make better decisions, you have someone who means well to bounce off ideas with and improve

13. Marriage is good for your emotional well being. Having a companion to open up to and lean on, eases the burden

14. Marriage adds more meaning to sex. You realize how special and sacred it is to celebrate what you have through pleasure

15. Marriage makes you a better person, you have someone who cares about your progress correcting you

16. Marriage gives you reason to fight storms. When you have someone to stand beside you, it encourages you to keep going