1. Couples that are struggling financially tend to have pathetic sex lives. Their marriage tends to have arguments about the lack of money and the misuse of money. It is difficult to desire or even enjoy sex yet you don’t even know where food for the children or rent money is coming from. In case you two are struggling financially, understand when your spouse says they are not in the mood for sex. Channel that energy towards finding real financial solutions

2. Some couples however have alot of sex when facing financial problems because the orgasms give them relief, after the relief, they get up and look for solutions

3. Most men who are struggling financially tend to be very insecure and they think their women will leave them and go sleep with a rich man. This insecurity makes them attack their wives, call them prostitute for no reason and dictate where the wife goes and does

4. Women struggle to make love to a husband who is not putting effort in providing financially and is just lazy. A hard working husband turns on a woman

5. Men struggle to make love to a wife who is ungrateful about his financial effort and who takes advantage of him financially

6. Alot of people because of their financial woes turn to pornography and masturbation as an escape. Sadly this addiction gives no lasting solutions and often wastes time

7. Some, because of their financial problems turn to prostitutes and alcohol. They will find money to pay a prostitute or buy alcohol yet rent is not being paid, kids have no school fees and no food on the table. This is wasteful and will lead you to feeling useless

8. Some people just to get ahead in life financially give their bodies for sexual favours. Anyone who has sex with you to give you success ends up owning you. It is a miserable kind of success

9. The wealthier some people get, the more sexually irresponsible they become. They cheat on their spouses, play multiple people, book hotel rooms for affairs then come to regret when they lose the things that money can’t buy like family, character, honour and peace of mind

10. Someone who has money and still remains sexually faithful to you truly loves you

11. When you have money, opportunistic people will try to bait you with sex. They will seduce you and flirt with you hoping to get a slice of your money. Don’t fall for the trap

12. There are lots of people who want to enjoy sex but not the financial responsibility that comes with

a baby after the consequences of sex. This is why we have so many dead beat fathers and mothers. Be careful with your penis and vagina if you are not financially ready

13. Financial success is a huge confidence booster and confidence is sexy

14. You don’t have to invest in expensive lingerie to look appealing to your spouse. Be visually inviting within your budget

15. Alot of women who depend on their husbands for every coin tend to be shy sexually because they feel they are at the mercy of their husbands and just play along. Alot of them struggle with low self-esteem and identity. Lady, no matter how wealthy and nice your husband is, find something for you to earn from, it will make you feel good about yourself