1. Wife, celebrate if your husband ejaculates because of you albeit prematurely. You have the ability to make him climax quickly. The goal is, how can that climax be delayed

2. Husband, if you climax too quickly, rejoice that your penis is able to sense pleasure inside your wife to climax. You just need to work on control

3. Wife, in case your husband climaxes too soon, don’t look at him with eyes of frustration and disappointment as if it is the end of the world; you will only make him self conscious

4. Husband, learn your penis. Get to know when you are about to climax; and when you feel about to cum, get out of her sweetness and change the sex position to prolong your hardness

5. Wife, it is not all lost when he climaxes soon, continue playing with him, after some minutes, his penis might get hard again. For a lot of men, the second hard on lasts longer

6. Husband, if in case you climax too soon, don’t feel ashamed. Your wife is still horny, find other ways using your hand and tongue to get her to her orgasm

7. Wife, identify which sex position makes your husband climax too quickly. If you notice he climaxes faster when he sees your butt as you two do doggy, or when you are rubbing his nipples as he is on top of you; save that sex position for last

8. Husband, a lot of men climax too soon because they are too excited or they are used to masturbation. Avoid masturbation, relax when making love, don’t be in a hurry, allow your spouse to pleasure you in other ways beyond your penis such as massaging

9. Wife, remember that sometimes it is not that your husband cannot sustain his erection; but that you turn him off with your bad attitude, harsh treatment or lack of hygiene. He might start off hard then the penis shrinks when he remembers how bad you treat him. Good treatment sustains an erection

10. Husband, don’t overthink during love making. Sex starts and is sustained in the mind, if you over think, your penis will be confused. The penis remains hard when you have one focus: pleasure

11. Wife, a lot of men struggle to maintain an erection when stressed, especially due to finances. Talk with him, relieve his stress

12. Husband, when you are so used to masturbation, your mind will desire self pleasure than a vagina. That is why some men maintain an erection during self pleasure and watching porn but lose the erection when next to a naked and wet vagina. Avoid masturbation; relearn that true pleasure is what you get from your wife’s vagina

13. Wife, the quality of foreplay sustains the penis. Find out what activities you do get your husband really hard, is it playing with his balls, pleasing the tip of his penis, licking and rubbing his nipples. Do it. Get him hard to the fullest

14. Husband, be confident as you approach your wife. Believe in yourself. You are capable of pleasing your wife. If you are shy or have a low self-esteem, you will lose your hard on

15. Wife, praise your husband sexually, make his ego feel good. Once a man feels sexually praised by his wife, he sees himself positively and the penis follows suit. The mind controls the penis

16. Husband, avoid panicking and worrying. Yesterday your penis may have lost its erection, today it will be hard like a rock for long. Worrying about what happened yesterday messes up today. No sexual session is ever the same

If it persists, see a sex therapist you two are comfortable with



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