The quality of the sex and heat in the bedroom is determined by what happens outside the bedroom.

Treat her like a Queen, with respect, with care, laugh with her, listen to her, pay attention to her when she is all dressed up and in public and she will be hot and sexy all over you as your wife when she is naked and alone with you in the bedroom. She will even be a feisty, kinky freak for you doing you your fantasies and more. She will blow your mind. Women make love with their heart. Don’t hurt her and cause her stress and suspicion and expect her to enjoy love making with you. Don’t make her insecure at the thought of you sleeping with another woman and expect her to passionately spread her legs for you. Take care of her heart and emotions and she will take care of your pleasure needs.

Treat him like a King, make him feel proud, show him respect, look out for him, support him and inspire him, seduce him and give him access to be there for you when he is all dressed up in public and he will be a horny sex machine thirsting after you as your husband in the bedroom. He will initiate love making more, flirt with you, please you, explore your body; he will be a beast that often wakes up with a hard on for you, he will grab you from behind, shower you with kisses, make love to you fast and slow, gentle and wild. You will be wanted, he will drool over you and look forward to running away to the island of great sex with you. He will drive you crazy and make you scream, tremble, call his name and lose your breath in intense moans. Men make love with their ego, they love being in control and given the space to lead and dominate, they love to hunt what is attractive and not stressful. Don’t give him stress and nag him, don’t demean him, insult him and belittle his efforts and expect him to chase after your body. Don’t compare him with other men or pour water on his efforts and expect him to have a healthy sex life with you. He will hate to look into your eyes that despise him, he will keep off your lips that insult him, you may have the sexiest body and wear the finest lingerie but he will come home late or sleep facing away with his hard on extinct if your presence is negative. Take care of his manly authority and his hard manhood will be giving you the hardest and longest of standing ovations wanting to more than poke but drill deep into the wetness of you, the woman who makes him better.

If your sex life is pathetic, boring, wanting or has deteriorated; maybe it’s time you interogate how you treat each other outside of sex. Sex is a beautiful and exciting thing for a couple, if you still have the energy but you’re not enjoying each other or desiring each other over a period of time, something in how you two relate changed and needs fixing.