1. When you are tempted to speak hurtful words to your partner during an argument, just walk away to another room, keep quiet; then force yourself to send a text to your partner saying “I love you” even if you don’t feel love at the moment. Remind each other that love is greater than an argument

2. When an intruder tempts you by starting to flirt with you on WhatsApp, Facebook inbox, social media; reply by praising your woman/man. Intruders destroy marriages because the married allow them and play along

3. Man, when you are tempted to look at the butt, boobs or body of other women; pick up your phone and look at the photos of your woman/wife, look again at her smile, respect her. Your woman/wife not only has butt and boobs, but her body carries the heart that loves you

4. Woman, when you feel tempted to fantasize how life with a wealthier man might be like; pick up your phone, call your man and tell him how great he is. Make your man great by standing by him and supporting him. The wealth you make with your man is more precious and fulfilling than the wealth you run to of an already man

5. When you are tempted to sextext a person that is not your spouse; type down those words you wanted to text and send them to your man/woman instead. Chat only with your spouse when you are horny

6. Gentlemen, when you are tempted to slap your wife or beat her up; use that energy to grab her and hug her instead, protect her, or walk away and do heavy duty work with your hands to burn out the negative energy

7. Lady, when you are tempted to tell your man how he is a good for nothing; remember all the good things he has done, the reasons you committed to him in the first place; remember that when you destroy him, you destroy yourself, when you build him you build yourself

8. When you are tempted to abort your child, go online and google the great people who changed the world and contributed positively that were almost aborted

9. When you are tempted to entertain an intruder who is not your partner that is making advances on you, whether at work, in business or in the neighbourhood; talk highly about your partner, bring your partner’s name in the conversation until you bore that intruder

10. When you are tempted by friends to stay longer away from home, just go home; remember your friends may not be with you five years from now because things change, but your spouse committed to your for life, your children will need you for life, family comes first

11. When you are tempted to talk badly about your spouse to your family, friends or outsiders, stop your tongue; instead, talk to God about your spouse in prayer

12. When you are tempted to constantly fight your spouse in the house; play more worship music in the house. Worship music has a way of calming your spirit. The music you play sets the mood of the house

13. When you are tempted to question why you are still together; both of you list down the good things you see in each other, the value you have added to each other. Praise your love more than you complain

14. When you are tempted to compare your marriage with that of others; remember that marriages work because the two in it put effort. The couples you are admiring are simply just working harder at their marriage than you and your partner

15. When you are tempted to give up on your marriage; go back to your wedding photos, the video of your wedding day, your marriage vows; remember why you got married. People give up because they lose vision and purpose