1. Resolve issues quickly before sleeping. Don’t sleep with a grudge

2. Go to bed at the same time, don’t make your spouse feel lonely in bed

3. If you must stay up at night, don’t make it a habit. Do it only once in a while. Make sure your spouse is warm in bed then go on to do your thing at night

4. If you can, make love. Good night orgasms make you sleep better

5. In case you are away from the house at night, communicate to your spouse where you are and what time you will be coming home so that your spouse doesn’t worry

6. Tell your spouse “Goodnight”. Yes, that simple word shows alot of care

7. Pray together. It adds peace to the bedroom

8. End the day with appreciation. Let each day end with your spouse getting a compliment and words of appreciation from you; it makes him/her feel valued

9. Spend quality time as a couple even if for a few minutes. Don’t let your spouse feel you two were strangers that day