1. Challenge him. Men love it when a woman stimulates them to be better

2. Dress up. Look physically appealing. Know how to work your curves and present your beauty

3. Relax and smile. A frowning woman repels attention

4. Enjoy a good meal with him, whether you cook or not

5. Show him you are proud of him. This keeps him going

6. Be lovable. Allow him to do things for you

7. Flirt with only him. Make him feel you exclusively are his. Turn down other men

8. Arouse him sensually. Connect with his chemistry

9. Ask him questions about him, how his day was. Few ladies do this. Earn his trust

10. Show you are faithful to him but there is more to your life than him. Have your own dreams, your own life. Let him marvel at your individual growth

11. Be spiritual. Be a woman of substance. Have depth

12. Give him peace. A place to rest his head in your presence 13. Have a healthy self esteem. Feel good about your unique self. Confidence is attractive