1. Don’t be selective or discrimatory on who you pray for

2. Don’t pray only for those who treat you well or those you like. Pray also for your enemies

3. Find out how people genuinely are. Care about them

4. Don’t pray manipulative prayers, imposing your will on them. Let God’s will be done

5. Don’t give a timeline of when you want God to do things for them

6. Don’t brag or advertise that you pray for them

7. Don’t be an investigator, snooping into the lives of those you pray for

8. Don’t gossip. Preserve people’s secrets and issues. A gossiper can’t be an intercessor

9. Sometimes interceding for people means praying with them. Hold their hands, call them on the phone and pray, text them a prayer, record a voice note to them of you praying

10. As a couple, you can intercede for others. The two of you can come together in agreement and pray for your relatives, children, friends, enemies, neighbours and those God puts in your spirit

11. When God answers your prayers for them, don’t become filled with pride. It was not about you. You were just a vessel standing in the gap