When it’s true love it’s mutual, when it’s true love you don’t feel you’re dong too much or giving too much of yourself or you are being too vulnerable and giving away too much of your emotions.

When it’s true love there is no limit, you don’t watch what you say or watch your back out of fear or mistrust when with your partner. You relax.

When it’s true love you put no brakes, you both go full steam ahead and crush into a beautiful mix of two hearts that have fully surrendered to each other.

When it’s true love you don’t feel you are being used, neglected or taken advantage of. You don’t keep a record of how much good you have given against how much good your partner has given you.

When it’s true you don’t struggle. You can have an argument and you wake up kissing the next day because your need for each other is greater than one disagreement. You find yourselves in each other’s thoughts and arms.

When it’s true love you are not forced to give or pressured but you freely give your all. You keep giving holding nothing back. You give all to your partner and your partner gives back. Naked you are before each other and mutually you cover each other with trust. When it’s true love, being vulnerable is not a scary thing; in fact, it’s welcomed. “Show me who you truly are, no masks or filters; I want to love you!”