1. Make it hard to love you. He has alot of love to give and doesn’t want to waste it

2. Flirt with other men. The thought of you arousing other men rips his heart apart

3. Play hard to get. He doesn’t mind chasing after you. But if you stretch the chase too much he will get tired. He doesn’t want games, he wants progress, he wants to settle

4. Praise other men above him. There is no point of him being with you if you admire another man/men more

5. Believe in rumors and what others say more than his truth

6. Fail to believe in him saying that good men don’t exist. Lady, not every man is the same; your negative attitude can drive a good man away

7. Stress him and make his life unbearable. Loving you ought to be a blessing

8. Punish him for what your ex did. Doubt him and accuse him for crimes he hasn’t committed

9. Spend more time with your girlfriends than with him. Be unavailable to him. He doesn’t just want the position of being your man but to be treated like your man

10. Fail to cover him when he is being attacked by your family, friends and public

11. Bad mouth him, belittle him and shame him in public

12. Bring another man between you two. Why should he compete for you with another man if he is exclusively your man?

13. Change into a monster he cannot stay committed to. If he found in you a good woman, and then you change drastically, to the point staying with you is no longer sustainable no matter how hard he tried to bring back the you he fell in love with

14. Demonstrate that you two are not compatible. A man might like you or even love you. But if it is clear that you are good looking but you two are struggling, being with you is a constant fight, he is ever on the edge when with you, he is not at home with you,he has tried to make you two work but in vain; he will wonder what more can he do

15. Nag him until he leaves. Being with you means he has no peace

16. Fail to appreciate him. See him as worthless, beneath you, not good enough for you. Mock his mistakes, downgrade him because he earns less money than you

17. Have a low self-esteem. Lady, it is your responsibility to feel good about yourself. If you are constantly seeing yourself as unworthy, drowning yourself in self pity, seeing yourself as undeserving of his good love; you will drain him

18. Be indecisive. Say yes to be his woman, then break up with him, then want him back, then mistreat him, then beg him to come back, be unsure of what you want. Do this and he will stop trusting you with his heart

19. Bruise his ego. Make fun of his penis, make fun of how he doesn’t sexually satisfy you instead of helping him please you, mock his educational background and his career achievements

20. Get drunk, become an alcoholic, shaming him. Especially if he is a man who detests drunkenness

21. Cheat on him. Have an affair

Lady, please note that a good man may remain your man or husband because he honors his vow and promise to you despite how much you stress him. But even as he stays and you do these negative things, he may not be as enthusiastic about loving you because you have lost him eventhough you haven’t lost the title of being his woman/wife. Some good men are staying with their women but are unhappy because they feel pushed away. If you have a good man, hold on to him, make it easy to love you. Such men are hard to come by